A screen shot of Shopify’s Billing experience.
A screen shot of Shopify’s Billing experience.

An interview with the Shopify Billing UX team about their human-centered approach

The Billing UX team recently added Billing Experiences to our Polaris design system. I spoke with UX manager Jen Bombis and senior product designer Greg Petiquan about why they created this local design system, the different steps in the process they used to build it, and the benefits they’ve noticed of grounding a design system in user journeys.

What is Polaris for Billing?

Jen: It’s a set of experience guidance around the jobs that merchants do in billing (for example, adding a new payment method, or approving a charge). It represents the best thinking of the entire team. …

Bringing context to design systems
Bringing context to design systems
Illustration by Jason Custer for this article

Note: This article was originally published here.

For the past seven years, I’ve worked on design systems at IBM, Airbnb, and Shopify. I’ve spent hundreds of hours with teams learning about how they use systems. My job, and the job of any good design system, is not to prescribe solutions. It’s to describe relationships between parts of a whole, to connect the dots between things so teams can make the best decisions possible.

What I’ve experienced over and over again is a mindset where teams across domains, brands, or businesses tend to think their products are unique. …


Hayley Hughes

UX Manager at Shopify

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