On finding (and loving) your voice

My whole life I never thought of my voice as something to love about myself. I could find other things to love, like maybe my ability to make friends out of strangers in minutes, or maybe how people share their deepest secrets and hearts desires with me because they feel safe, and after some years of fighting it, my curly hair. But my voice? No way. It was too quiet to be heard, too weak to sing, and I always sounded so much younger than I was. I can’t count the number of salespeople that would call on the phone and ask if my mother was home. I think I was 30 or so. Nice.

Then I added an unhealthy marriage and for seven years I was constantly shushed. Is that a word, shushed? “Hush, babe.You’re talking too much” and when I was asked frequently to speak at various events he would say “Do you really think you have anything to say that people want to hear?” Wow. Even though that ended more than a decade ago, I’ve realized recently that there was still something holding me back from truly using my voice. Remnants of those old stories.

I’ve been speaking and teaching for over 20+ years but I could never listen to myself. I trusted the feedback from the audience that the content was beneficial, never wanting to hear my own voice. It wasn’t until I started kundalini yoga teacher training a year ago that it all began to shift.

There is a concept called the Naad, or the sound current and a teaching that your sacred voice is the voice of your soul’s purpose. It helps to empower your throat chakra which is the key to our emotional healing and ability to speak our truth.

We were also given a spiritual name and the one given to me is Dev Amrit Kaur. The spiritual name signifies the destination of your soul, your own true essence, to serve as a reminder of who you really are….and my name means one who lives with God, has the soul and voice of an angel who serves with grace and honor. wow. how sweet is that?

Between the teachings of kundalini yoga and the beautiful reflections of three of my guy friends (and one sorta creepy uber driver that asked me questions the whole ride so I would keep talking) I’ve realized that my voice is something that I should love and use to share messages of love, light, magic and miracles as often and as broadly as possible. Each of those men speaking sweet encouragement specifically about my voice in the first few minutes of meeting me. It only seems right that the wound that I received from the masculine would be healed by the masculine. It’s perfect, really.

The truth is I do have a message to share with the world, and so do you. And I would love your help in spreading this message. Even more speaking, more teaching. All over the world. I’m also super excited to share that SOUL SPARKLE RADIO just launched and can’t wait to serve in this way! I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m reaching out for help and taking imperfect action and I’m proud of myself for that. When we feel called to serve we just need to keep taking one step, and then another.

I would love to know what questions you have that you would like for me to answer, who you would like for me to interview and how I can serve you best in this podcast format.

I went to see Marianne Williamson for the first time last weekend and was reminded of the quote I have loved all these years.

“We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

My purpose in this lifetime is very clear. I am called to serve using my gifts and my voice is one of those. I want to help as many as possible to shine their light and speak their truth. To let my own light shine as brightly as possible so you feel safe to sparkle like the supernova that you are. To light you up from the inside out.

What are you called to do, love? What is your beautiful work in the world? What stories are you believing that are not true and how are they holding you back? How can you use your voice to make a bigger impact in the world? It’s your time, darling. Your time to shine! Let’s do it, together.

Thank you for being on this journey and for your ongoing support and encouragement. It means the world. It really does.

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