All of My Bad Entrepreneurial Ideas

Free! For the taking!

They say it takes hard work and grit before you strike gold, in the entrepreneurial sense. I’ve had a ton of bad ideas in my life, and I’m only 21. So I’m not saying I’ll never strike gold, but based on the trend of these ones, I’m going to be working for other people for a long time (which I love, hey boss).

Here’s a (bad) picture of me that I believe represents my entrepreneurial efforts (and really, all my ideas) thus far.

I think my problem is that I have really fantastic bad ideas.

Happy Hour with Hayls

So I actually pitched this one to Jimmy Fallon.

It’s my talk show, for when I’m the first female to host a late night talk show on one of the major networks. I’d happily pass this to Samantha Bee or anyone for that matter. But as a teen, I was fed up with women hosting the daytime shows and men getting the evenings. Come on, we’re just as funny and deserve the top spots.

Case in point? Happy Hour with Hayls.

You know how Jimmy Fallon has Steve and Jimmy Kimmel has Guillermo?

Well I would randomly select an audience member before each show, get them drunk backstage and then bring them on as my sidekick.

Genius idea. 10/10. No issues whatsoever.

The Liftover

To be fair, I developed this one in a team and I don’t think it’s that bad. It’s the best way to store your leftovers! Get it? Liftover? Leftover? No? Cool.

Basically, we tried to eliminate the need for tupperware. It saves dishes, meaning you run the dishwasher less, meaning you are saving water. Brilliant!

It’s a cover for your plates that is elevated so it covers all the food without squishing it (hey Saran Wrap), allows for easy stacking in the refrigerator (saves space whaaaaat) and means you don’t have to transfer leftovers to tupperware, back to a plate for the microwave, and then to the dishwasher. It stays on the same plate the whole time!

Oh and the bottom is stretchy so it fits any size plate. As long as it’s a circle.

Shark Tank, here we come.

Hayley’s Hotel for the Homeless

I have always gotten extremely sad passing a homeless person on the streets, as a young girl and still today. It breaks my heart, so when I was relatively young I had the idea to make a hotel for them.

It would be a skyscraper in New York City (genius idea, rent is super cheap there!) and it would house the entire homeless population of NYC. We would have teachers and career counselors as full time employees (really cutting costs there Hayls) to help them find jobs. Once they found one, they had the option to stay at the hotel but pay us the majority of their salary, or we would help them find housing elsewhere.

The hotel would also confiscate any drugs or alcohol prior to anyone entering the building. It would also perform drug tests and would double as a rehabilitation facility if the person needed it.

In hindsight, there are a number of issues with this idea but I like to think I had the best interest of everyone at heart. That’s why I put my first name right there in the business name.

The Choose Your Own Movie Theatre

Okay get this. Imagine you walk into a movie theatre and it’s just this massive wall of DVDs. And the theatres are like home theatres — there are around 25 of them and they fit 20–30 people in each. You rent it out in advance and then just choose a movie to watch in the theatre. Perfect for birthday parties, expensive date nights, family bonding in silence and that’s about it!

Look, movie theatres are dying regardless. So let’s give this crappy idea a shot, okay?

My marketing, pitching and ideating has room for improvement, I know.

There are more way ideas where these came from. My boss says “Ideas are gifts, not possessions” but I’m hanging on to a few of them for when I’m rich and famous. After all, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket (article).

Make it this far? If you did, answer this question in the comments:

As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

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