Just a small-town girl, taking on the city

There’s nothing that makes me feel more cultured than a New Yorker magazine. Except for the two days a year when I attend the New Yorker Festival.

This is my second year dropping hundreds of dollars on this event, which I believe makes it 1) a tradition and 2) makes me an expert.

“No, I’m not into music festivals,” I tell anyone who asks. “I’m into more cultural festivals, like the New Yorker.”

[No one has ever asked this.]

I mean, the event this year had Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, former Presidential candidate John Kasich. Can you…

Accurate representation of my inner thoughts during this entire interaction.

Another in a long line of uncomfortable stories

I wrote about my interaction with a stranger in a comments section earlier this week, and it garnered a little bit of attention. So I thought I’d share more of the whole story.

Sometimes, you can catch the slightest glimpse of a stranger and know when you’re about to be bothered.

Such was the case this weekend, as I looked up from under my hat to see how many seconds I had left to cross the street, west to east. As I did, I made brief eye contact with a man crossing north to south. …

Photo by Prateek Katyal on Unsplash

When I got back on social media, I made a few promises to myself

I blogged almost a year ago about deleting all of my social media accounts. It’s my best performing post to this date and seemed to resonate with a lot of people.

At the time, I was proud of my decision and used the claps and comments on that post to validate my decision.

When I realized I had a desire to get back on Instagram, I knew I had to use the app differently. I recently read a piece from Zulie Rane that confirmed much of what I had already been doing.

Graduating from college and becoming an adult made…

Happy birthday to my old man (literally)

You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose.

Luckily for me, you also can’t pick your dad. For that, I’m grateful because I could never have picked someone as great as this guy.

To celebrate his 50th birthday today, I thought I’d compile 50 bad dad jokes. To start, I gave my dad his 50th birthday card. He said “You know, you could have just given me one.” So this is to make up for that.

(A lot of these work better out loud. …

Has your own ambition ever intimidated you? Mine has.

Have you ever had someone tell you that they were intimidated by your ambition?

I have, a few times. I don’t blame them — I sometimes intimidated myself.

I thought I was going to change the world by the time I was 20. Invent some life-changing products, create a nonprofit that would solve homelessness, fix women’s rights and level every playing field. I was going to be the President of the United States, a mother, a nonprofit volunteer, a comedian, a talk show host, and a writer. All at the same time. I could picture it in my mind.


It’s my way or the West Side Highway

The Tote Bag made it all the way to Los Angeles

There is only one way to read The New Yorker: the right way.

That’s my way.

A New Yorker subscription used to mean something. Then their infamous tote bag became a status symbol.

Did anyone even read the magazine anymore? Or was it all a ploy to carry the tote and act like you were posh, modern, with-it?

For me, it was both. It still is both. Boy oh boy, my self-importance is through the roof when I shop at the local Jewel Osco holding that thing.


My third reason is that I’ve collected every edition for the last…

A non-industry perspective on everything about the industry

The trailers for Hustlers did not thrill me. It looked like the right end of the summer movie. Something female-led, something a little sexy, something with a bit of intrigue. They’d jam packed a few major celebrities into it who aren’t actors, like Cardi B and Lizzo. I figured it would get back reviews, I’d save my money and we’d forget about it a few weeks later.

To everyone involved in making that movie, I apologize. I underestimated you. You hustled me? Doesn’t really work but you get the idea. How could I do that to JLo?

I saw the…

A pretty accurate representation of life right now — messy and great

And why it’s not enough to get everything I want done

In the middle of August, my college best friend sent me an article titled “How to Increase Your Motivation in 2 Minutes per Day.”

I needed it. It had been weeks since I had felt motivated — my friend lived in Boston and my best girlfriends had just left me in Chicago, alone, to move to New York City and San Francisco. We couldn’t be more spread out across the country.

Even though I’d been working for over a year, the move from graduation to real-life shocked me. I was (am) struggling to budget; I had to stop my improv…

Tales of a girl always on the Go, Go, Go

Last fall, I wrote a piece about the importance of boredom. Why “doing nothing” is healthy and necessary.

My recent lifestyle choices have not reflected this importance at all. As a college senior, I feel like I’m living the time schedule of some wannabe hotshot and it’s reflective in other areas of my life. Like the fact that I haven’t sat down to write in a month.

Let’s take a look at my end of March and beginning of April, as an example. In that time frame, here’s a list of where I slept (not where you saw that list going!):

Wednesday, March 27: Overnight bus to Nashville

Thursday, March 28: Nashville hostel

Friday, March 29: Nashville hostel

Saturday, March 30: Overnight bus to Chicago

Sunday, March 31: My own bed!

Monday, April 1…

Being a woman in the US is still not an easy task

I woke up the other, straightened my hair, put on an outfit that made me feel like a badass working woman, threw on a pair of black heels and finished it off with red lipstick.

Run the World by Beyonce was on repeat.

It was International Women’s Day and I was celebrating by being my best version of myself. By owning who I am, who I want to be. I didn’t feel good — I felt great.

I think all the time about what it means to be a woman in this country, in this world.

How many times have…

Hayley Miller

Northwestern University, Medill School of Journalism. Currently @ IdeaBooth

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