I mean, we all need a muse, right?

We all need a thrill…?

A little hope sparked by a magnificent fight

Beautifully wearisome and amatory, if you will…

We all need a touch

Just a kiss on the lips sometimes

A feel with some love

Not just a straight shot to inside

Pleasure with praise is just fine

Might even spare a life

You’d be surprised

We all have a past

Memories hidden in wrappers and spoons

Drowning in the after sight

Like retrospectively you weren’t even alive

But you really thought it was such a great time

Feasting on the crumbs

You were latching onto

And simplicity stemming from a drought of aptitude

Fuck, that claim is so true

I need a tool to get this hypothalamus unscrewed

Just a little bit lighter, please, just make it a little more loose

The lie of validation

Has the power to change any tide

We all get lost in the drama of the trepidation

But deep down I know I could easily run circles around you

Sometimes self-knowledge is such a bumpy ride

Drunk on the moment

Without a drink or a line

Just don’t cross into dependence

Or your even keeled footing might start to slide

We all have a future

If we stick around, that is

We can swim against the current like a masochistic fish

Or we could surrender like a lemming if we so wish

Giving ourselves over to the peaceful lift

There’s a little reassurance in all of it

I don’t think I’m all that insatiable

I’m just aware of the grips in which I live

But this isn’t prison

We’re all just a little too bound within

Wound up like bubble wrap on porcelain

Afraid to break, but made of tin

Even if you shatter you can still win

That’s the pay-off of calamity without gin

And even when you’re so far out

You’re all in

Cause nothing external really ever breaks you

When your largest battle subsists within

It’s the victory we could all get behind

This is the very time of our lives
The very time, the very best time
Of our lives.

I got you kid

Just hold this hand

I got you kid

I got you kid

We traveled here together

Let’s drive

Nothing’s gonna happen

Anything could happen

But, really, nothing’s gonna happen

Remember last year when we communicated on napkins?

Writing barely legible

But what we said held a lot of weight

I threw all of those fragile napkins away

What’d you do with yours anyway?

Oh….they were saved?

My bad.

We all have a license to achieve

Some get a little more opportunity

Some capitalize on it so willingly

Others hide and fuck around

Instead of seek

But it’s all fear and insecurity

Labeled as laziness and stupidity

A little compassion can go a long way

Gritting one’s teeth with the goal of intact dignity

There are always three more words to say.

Break rules for a rich soul

Push boundaries instead of just yearning to be consoled

Not advice, just what I’ve come to know

But words- they merely come and go

Slowly learning to just close my mouth and grow

We all have this moment

I’m spending mine writing these words

I should be paying attention to where I am at

But all of these seconds and minutes have fallen flat

So to quiet my brain

I have to talk back

No verbal exchanges

Just countering these dead thoughts

Resuscitating all of the expectations that came to be not

Checking my pulse for a rhythm that’s so cold

It literally makes my body hot

And it’s all from the fox I learned to mock

Man, that analogy is getting old.

There I go again

Storing all of this love

Which has never been bought

keeping it all in a trusty shoe box

cause these intangible reveries….

They’re the best material that I’ve got.

I got you kid
Just take this shirt off my back
I got you kid
I got you kid
One day you’re really gonna get it.

Until then

Just keep those eyes open.

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