I Write Poetry During Important meetings; Everyone thinks I’m listening, so respectful cause I’m not on my phone- I love when people don’t know what they just don’t know.

Best time for writing

When everyone is here

They sit still with their message

But their thoughts are unclear

A room full of martyrs

Of their cause and effect

Either standing for something

Or breaking their necks

Vision set to tunnel

Every lesson- taught well

Hearing what I heard

And falling where I fell

Prayers being answered

Money on reserve

Touch attached to false wisdom

The idea never occurred

Little one- so controlled

Speed through life with a swerve

Hold a lighter to your nerves

Patiently waiting for a turn

Masculinity multiplied then squared

A plethora of feelings to infer

Not a single set of lips

Every uttering the mentioned words

Just because they say it was said

Doesn’t mean it has to burn

But I don’t want it
I don’t want it anymore
I don’t want this
I don’t like it anymore
Sometimes it just seems so impossible.

So much anger

Give me drums

Buried in beauty

Blessed to hum

Living softy

Within the finer things

Content in my aloneness

No real need

For diamond rings

Arm one

Arm two

yeah…That’s right, then left

Just in case you never knew

Simultaneous toe tapping

Mumbling a masterpiece

Under my breath

Just trying to hold it all in for you

One lyric here, one lyric there

The creatively deaf

Will never come to care

Gaslight me into something crazy

Just cause you’re so unaware

I bleed my ideas onto this page

You keep your spirit inside of a cage

And I too would deny the rage

Calling it a different name

Cause who really wants to say

That they crawl through life afraid?

Hey, no need to be ashamed!

But don’t judge me for not being plain…

Or restrained

You dead bolt your own mind

While I unearth my brain

It’s just my way, okay?

I see the ties and all of these suits

Sitting tall

And quite astute

But nerve death

Is all the proof

I need

To know that success itself can be aloof

A bludgeoned bank account

So rude…So Rude

I think in Rhyme

I can’t shut it down

I memorize the passing of time

I cannot stay in this town

Things that aren’t useful to me
I can remove
The things that are not useful to me
I will remove

I’m prudently dancing

In a ballroom

Made for the masses

And this noise has me on the brink

Say what you’ll say

Think what you think

It’s merely milliseconds anyway

Maybe minutes at most

Where I am headed next

I really do not know

But this place is not it

It’s time to go


Wait, what?

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