The Tainted Getaway

Coffee stains

They piss me off

Secure lid should be

Included in the cost

Wet pages

Smeared words

Analogous to life

Yearning to verb

Nouns break my heart

They truly do

People, places, and things

They rarely ever come through

And adjectives- they’re pretty

I mean, technically, right?

But their emptiness falls short

And keeps me up at night

Conjugating subtly

Searching for a voice

A tense, a number, a mood

Or maybe just a choice…?

Perhaps a genuine connection

A half of one piece of a puzzle

I’ll take any scrap I can get

If it means warmth, security & a nuzzle

Fairly certain this train stops here

Fairly convinced the jig is up

Truthful now, as a mother fucker

Yet still afraid of a captured close up

A conjunction could be nice

Synchronicity can be beautiful

Blessed with many a vice

And the sarcasm is quite dutiful

I will miss my dog

She keeps me judicious and snug

Never underestimate the power of listening

Without offering feedback or playing the judge

Sometimes we just need a basic fucking hug

Damnit people

Calm the fuck down

And lighten the fuck up

Your perspicacity makes you such a dud

What’s so difficult about love?

& trust?

& laughter thereof?

We’re all dying hereof

And running, whereof?

If we sit still together

We might make it out from under

The thumb of

Every indirect lie which…

Unfortunately fits us like a glove.

We lie to ourselves

Say we’re undeserving of

Everything our souls desire

Refusing to let go of

What weighs a ton

Like the strangelove

Or the love that serves to strangle us…

Or the younglove

Versus the love that keeps us young.

Yeah, see now I’m intrigued

By the many parts which equal this sum.

It doesn’t have to cease to be fun

Just because seriousness ensued

I’m just a product of what I accept

And you’re just a representative of what you’ve grown used to

It sucks that I LOVE YOU

But I do

But I’ll be halfway across the country soon

And you’ll still be sleeping in til’ noon.

California likes me

It told me so in my dreams

& since all I want is to belong

I’m gonna go where I’m best seen

And it’s not about the attention

It’s not about the social scene

It’s about the authenticity

And feeling regarded rather than screened


Lord knows I tried to keep

Myself smooth and preened

But I’m just as filthy as I seem

And I’ll cry as you surely

Forget all about me

But that’s just life
I guess
I don’t know
I guess
I don’t know
I hate this part
You’re ruining my getaway
It’s supposed to feel exciting & crazy
But I’m only crazy about you.

Goodbye my unknowing love

Be well.

I pray for you daily

To have everything which you deserve

And more

You have so much good you don’t even recognize

I hope someone points it out to you one day

I would have, gladly.

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