This is my silent Protest- Translate if you wish

I just found this poem that I wrote on February 4th, 2010. I am so proud of this piece of writing. Translate if you wish but trust me when I say that most of the translaters online will not translate it properly.

There’s just this twinge 
I think and feel 
It hits me hard 
It stops my wheels 
Put on my breaks 
I turn so fast 
Gave all it takes 
But came in last 
But that is age 
The win comes with time 
Hurt to earn your name 
Cultivate your rhymes

There’s just this thing 
I often do 
Step into a new city 
And become so blue 
There’s just this cycle 
That I go through 
But I bounce back 
Yeah I let loose

There’s just this thing 
That I don’t like 
When ya meet someone 
And they crawl in your mind 
And then ya move away 
And they’re not around 
And you walk through each day 
Staring at the ground

And it wasn’t love 
It wasn’t even lust 
But without the closure 
You start to worry and rush 
Maybe time will escape…? 
And you’ll never find the one? 
But I know my time will come 
And I’ll be thankful, when it does

There’s just this thing I fear 
That I’ll never see you again 
Una vez que usted le da su vida 
I’ll lose a family member and friend 
There’s just this thing I fear 
That you won’t be at Christmas next year 
That you won’t ever visit me here 
That you won’t even call me 
The end of it all seems near

Hay sólo este momento veo 
Cuando éramos tan jóvenes y libres 
Y pretenderíamos escaparnos 
Harto de una situación diferente cada dos días 
Pero éramos demasiado jóvenes sólo para saber 
Lo que teníamos era el oro puro 
La mejor madre dos niños podría saber alguna vez 
Pero todavía embalaríamos nuestras cosas e iríamos 
Y esconderíamos abajo la calle 
Como si íbamos a quedarnos allí para siempre 
Y hablaríamos de nuestro esquema 
Dicho pondríamos nuestra tierra juntos 
Pero siempre presentábamos 
No más de una hora pasaría 
Y nos sentaríamos en la cocina 
Las risas y la comida Scooby doo bocados de fruta

Y cuando lucharíamos, usted me había golpeado con fuerza 
Me acuerdo de gritar y lanzar mis armas 
Pero usted siempre tenía la fuerza 
Todo que yo podría hacer fue escapado 
Y por extraño que parezca, fallo aquellos días 
Viajes del camino durante horas durante final 
¡”MAMÁ! ¡¿Cuándo conseguimos comer otra vez?!?”

But then I think does it have to be this way? 
Is this even real? 
Do organizations just fall apart like this? 
Cause this is not normal — what I feel

All my other friends 
They’re siblings meeting others at alters 
But they’re friendship doesn’t falter 
There isn’t control, and isolation 
Matched with uncomfortable acting and no direction 
If you have to do that, then something is missing 
If you have to morph, then I just can’t listen…

I protest in my silence 
I protest in my heart 
I protest in the privacy of my room in the dark 
I protest in my disguise 
When I’m staring through your lifeless eyes 
I protest to the goodbyes 
That I’m sure will soon be on the rise 
I protest to the absence 
Of a person I once knew 
I protest to the calming of the person that is you 
You are not curbed or stifled 
That is not who you are 
You are not to be made speechless 
That is what your poetry is for 
You are not to be an imitation 
And a wanderer in your own mind 
You will grow so forged and restless 
You will lie awake at night 
There are copyrights for a reason 
So that people will not infringe 
But you’re becoming a sculpture 
Tough on the surface, but empty within

You’re just like a globe 
Propped onto a holder so you can spin and float 
But you don’t even know where to go 
So many options, but you just don’t know 
Just spinning in circles by the hands of another 
Out of control, lost in the pacific 
Island to island, there are no specifics 
Swimming, lapping, searching for a shore 
But that holder is the limit, and your stance is such a chore 
So you will stay there for the rest of time 
Supporting consequences of your own crime 
I wish you luck, I really do 
But I’ll be busy living my life, the way you’re supposed to.

este es mi protesta silenciosa 
deseo que usted no hiciera este.
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