What I Accomplished by Stepping Away

I threw quite a tantrum about quitting Medium in 2018. I mildly regret it (don’t bite the hand that feeds you) but in hindsight, I was burned out and frustrated by the time that was poured into so many challenges and projects and still unpublished drafts and community engagement. I…

For Stillness and Reflection

The goal this week is to set aside 10–20 minutes for stillness and reflection. Each day will lead with Gratitude and 5 Minute Monkey Mind Journaling (aka brain dump) followed by a short prompt with additional exploratory questions should you feel inspired to expand on your thoughts and feelings.


An Invitation to Explore

This is admittedly one of the most confusing and frustrating times. It seems the entire world is on lockdown with borders shutting down every day. The onslaught of global news is creating a tangible heaviness. We’re consciously choosing isolation, yet find discomfort in being alone with ourselves. My friends began…

How a Pulmonary Embolism was the thing to change my trajectory (and other reflections on the seventh liferversary).

April 18, 2012

He kissed me goodbye that morning. Another 72-hour shift meant waking up alone in his bed. Except for a few hours later, I would wake up suffocating — as if an elephant took residency on my chest and had no intention of moving.

I called him between violent sobs and…

…taking a walk outside and observing the way the light reflects off the windows of the buildings in the neighborhood.

…enjoying a cup of tea or coffee at a local cafe and watching the world pass around you instead of dialing in to your phone.

…taking a break from social…

Hayli Nicole

Award-Winning Travel Writer. Book Doula and Writing Coach. Spoken Word Poet. Vagabond and Perpetual Traveller.

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