Street Art Installation, Lower Haight, San Francisco

So much has happened in the last year, my heart and my passions became stifled. I deviated from my intended direction and lost the momentum needed to continue to move forward. I became so tied down by the shoulds, I lost sight of my musts. I’ve been stuck. Standing in one place, desperate to make the next move, but not entirely sure of where to go. Do I follow the path of least resistance? Make my life easier? Or do I live as boldly as I have in the past and embrace these challenges as potential room for growth? What do you do when your life becomes something you never imagined it to be? Yet you recognize the potential of what this, the downward turn, can potentially become?

What a pretty little reminder on this morning’s walk of what will be on the other side of our emergence. There is beauty in the uncertainty. May we drift like a butterfly upon the wind and allow it to carry us closer to where we were always meant to go.

Here’s to spreading our wings and living in the skies where we’ve built our wildest dreams. I don’t know about you, but I have no intention of coming down.