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Mr. Cater, Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Cater of Baldwin Crest Reality

These three people are my property managers, who we pay rent to every month. September 1st was the last time we gave them our rent because our building that we currently live in was sold. The 4-plex in Leimert Park that I call home has been in my family for over 50 years. It was where my grandmother lived when she moved to LA from St. Louis in the 1960s. It was her introduction to Los Angeles, in the heart of Leimert Park. My dad, who was still living in St. Louis and attending High School when his mother moved out here, would come to this same building when he would visit his mom (my grandmother) during summer vacations from High School and College. My aunt would, too. It was owned by “Aunt Mack”, who also lived in the building, and who my grandmother became lifelong friends with. I’m not sure when Aunt Mack purchased the place, and one can only guess how much it cost when she purchased it. …



My life is consumed with Sports, Music, Design, and Art. Thanks for reading.

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