Tough times don’t last. Tough people do.

I woke up today and listened to my new inspirational song, Tough people do by Brett Kissel. Confidence is thriving in my bones and if you have read my previous articles, confidence is rare with a strong eating disorder consuming every thought. But no, today was different. I woke up stronger and healthier.

Recently, I arrived home from my dad’s and immediately stepped on my scale – bad idea. I lose weight as quickly as I gain. It threw me off. Until I stepped in my jeans and realized they still don’t fit. They are loose. And I knew then my thoughts are irrational and I’m still not at a healthy weight. So why do I still feel big? Because I have an appointment for an adult eating disorder program and Ana is telling me I’m going to be the biggest one they have ever seen going into the program. I’m anxious and scared at what they’ll think of me.

As Demi Lovato says “what’s wrong with being confident?”