There is a desire to do it all, to have it all. Right now. It’s undeniable and ever-present. Is that wrong? Where does that come from? Who knows, but the only logical solution is quench that desire.

So now that destination “Do it All” has been identified, it’s time to begin. But be careful. The path is crucial. Ignore the surround elements and the journey may fail. Attention must be devoted to each decision, the details of each move need thoughtful consideration. Utilize all available crafts and develop deficient areas. Be present — alert in each moment — acquiring all things necessary to continue the journey.

Stepping lively, with care. Being alert and ready to adapt in a moment’s notice. Appreciating each detail for the part it plays. Wait a minute. The journey has become the destination and the desire is now quenched. In a beautiful irony, life brings an unexpected gift. It is focused purpose-filled action to be sought after. Having an identity, a dream and leading the construction of it. That is when we have it all.

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