Professor B and the Army of Love

Who is Professor B? Connecticut native Fred Brown has gone by this moniker for years as keyboardist and founding member of a local reggae band I.N.I.T.Y featured at a popular shoreline eatery now closed with a changing of ownership. Sage American Grill was home for well over a decade, they put smiles on the faces of each guest, ensuring a good time for all, and still perform as a live band.

Pushing forward with positive results after a life threatening illness, Brown felt it is time to step up the game with an original act “Professor B and the Army of Love” and have a mission that is quite obvious: through music, spread peace, love, and harmony, all good vibes to their audience. You’d be hard pressed to find another artist who is so whole-heartedly playing music for this reason.

Where does all this love come from? You’ll find it in people who have gone through hard times and come out on the other side. Fred Brown is a cancer survivor and believes the best healer in life is music. “I am taking this opportunity of life, gathering my experiences, and strictly focusing on my own original music that has a positive, uplifting, universal vibe and moving it forward” says Brown.

This project was initiated by Horizon Music Group as a means to help Professor B combat his diagnosed cancer. As we have found in the past, working on music has greatly improved his health through the positive vibrations of music. Help us share that message.

All funds we raise will be used to obtain press and radio support for the Tough Times CD, and defray travel expenses for the band to perform at festivals and venues. All money raised will go to these ends, and the more funds available the carter we can reach.

Promoting music projects is always a difficult proposition, says Vic Steffens, There are many artists vying for the public’s attention. But we feel both the music and the experience of the Army of Love pack a big punch. Producer Vic Steffens of Horizon Music Group has produced over 300 full length CDs and worked with may notable artists. The music and the live show are truly inspirational.

Professor B’s message of universal love and positivity has proven to have strong impact in these troubled times.

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