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Energy Harvesting Concrete
 Energy harvesting concrete is one of the most interesting topics these days. This is in relation to the continuous search of environmentally friendly renewable resources due to climate change. This highlights the investigation of different issues with regards to energy harvesting with the use of state of the art technologies especially thermoelectric technologies used in generating electricity.
 Energy harvesting also describes some important investigations of energy harvest systems that will be installed in some concrete infrastructures. This system will also collect some energy regardless of what the temperature is about. This is more about the difference in between the inside structure of the concrete and the surface. This also presents some feasible energy that makes use of thermoelectric technology on concretes structure on the road.
 Know More about Energy Harvesting Concrete
 The energy surrounding the environment is available in different forms. This includes the wind, solar, mechanical or thermal energy. The trends of mankind are primarily characterised by the consumption of energy in ascending order which offers detrimental consequences on the viability of the environment and energy security.
 These are the common matters that highlighted the needs of cutting-edge methods for energy harvesting processes including final utilisation and energy conservation. Well, energy harvesting for concrete is an essential process of capturing that wasted renewable energy from the naturally occurring energy sources, accumulate it and then store it for some later uses.
 One of the naturally occurring sources of energy is concrete pavements that receive a huge amount of solar energy which dissipated into thermal energy in relation to the inner structures. The resulting increased temperature due to the traffic loads significantly affects the surrounding environment and the concrete service life through cutting and revealing incidents.
 To a larger extent, energy harvesting concrete is a new approach encompassing techniques using same principles used in building concrete buildings regarding the use of the materials. The routes for conditioning, storing, conserving and eventually using the harvested energy really matters. This also deeply relies on scientific technologies such as environmental engineering, nanoscience, electrical and even mechanical.
 Importance of Energy Harvesting Concrete
 There are lots of theories and approaches with regards to renewable energy but what is commonly chosen is more about energy harvesting concrete. Energy harvesting concrete is one of the best promising strategies to approach energy problems without depleting or harming natural resources. This is a newly research approach that encompasses different types of technologies to capture some wasted energy found in pavements, accumulate it and eventually store for some other uses.
 One of the most interesting characteristics of energy harvesting approach is more on offering an extended paved surface for the concrete structures. These paved surfaces include areas with PV sound barrier, conductive piles, thermos electrical generators, piezo sensors and a lot more.
 Outputs of energy harvesting concrete are listed as electrical energy production, district heating and dicing, cooling or powering wireless networks and surfaces. This also includes monitoring the condition of the concrete pavements along with the self-healing process improvements.
 With this newest approach in energy, it is expected that more and more buildings will be created using energy harvesting concrete approaches. This is not only because of the new state of the art technology they are using but more on the significant impact that they are offering to concrete pavements, to the people and most especially to the environment.

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