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The Neuro Headsets Invented by EMOTIV (EMOTIV Insight)
 The brain has a lot of activities especially making decisions and development of conscious thoughts. The frontal cortex is responsible for this, and every other part of the brain plays its role in a different way. EMOTIV invented 5 channel mobile EGG headsets that are otherwise known as EMOTIV Insight. With this neuroheadset, monitoring the activities of Theta, Beta, Delta, Alpha and the whole brain is pretty easy. It gives a clear picture with a video capture.
 Why It Was Invented
 These devices were invented for developmental and research applications. With the devices, it is easy to have an accurate state of the users’ mind. Being able to see how the brain is functioning. The EEG system gives the highest quality available data.
 Why Epoc Emotive Was Invented
 Epoc emotive is a multichannel EEG system with a total of 14 channels that is cost effective and very credible in offering an accurate spatial resolution. The design is flexible; the device is rechargeable, wireless and fits easily over the head. With its software subscription, the user has access to the raw EEG data. The headsets are very convenient considering they have a battery life of 12 hours and are compatible with iOS, Linux, OSX and Android.
 Uses of the Mind Control Games Functionality with EPOC
 It’s interesting how a game can control a video game using not only the facial expressions but also the thoughts and the emotions. Using the EPOC neuro-headsets by EMOTIV Systems, it is possible to progress perfectly in mind control games. You do not have to press buttons or move the mouse. When you want the character to jump, smile or just move, you just think about, and it will happen on the screen. This is a new technology that is becoming very popular.
 How EPOC Works
 As a brainwave reader, it reads and comprehends the facial expressions before recreating or putting them on a character in a game. Effective, expressive and cognitive are the three detection categories of EPOC that controls characters in a game. Cognitive detections control the characters through thinking.
 The traditional ways of playing games are slowly fading with the invention of neuroheadsets. Since gamers are always looking for new ways that will make they’re experiencing more exciting while playing, they have embraced the EPOC headsets in an amazing way. A gamer can indicate about 12 facial expressions that are recreated to a character. Besides facial expressions, the user can train direct mental commands that are easy for untrained users. If you are a gamer, you will have better control of the game by letting your mind do things the hands are not capable of.

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