Cure to an Everlasting Ailment

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Check out the NPM website:

Why care about NPM?

  • Run npm install PACKAGE_NAME to add the package to the /node_modules directory
  • Add import VAR_NAME from 'PACKAGE_NAME'; to your source
  • Utilize the package with the defined variable name, such as example() or example.includedFunction()

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Why don’t people like you?

  • More physically unattractive than average
  • Smarter than most people
  • More emotionally sensitive than most
  • Have really big feet relative to our body, like I’m talking size 16 men’s shoes
  • Excessive flatulence
  • More physically attractive than average
  • Less intelligent than most people
  • Have really tiny feet, so much so that your…

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Why live? What’s it for?

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You see someone you love. They once loved you too.

Hays Stanford

Helping people learn to build apps with React Native.

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