A statue, a plate and a flask of water…

It was a huge statue of a standing man raising his fist firmly. There was no sign of who he was or why fate offered him a free pass to eternity. Underneath it, there was a dusty plate on which someone has written ‘GIVE ME MYSELF BACK’.

These ancient people got the luxury and leisure to perform ambiguous pieces of art. For the wanderer he is, it was a meaningless statement as he got nothing but himself. He owned no land, no title, no money, no whatsoever.. As he walked down the hill to fill his flask with fresh water, shallow memories were overwhelming his thoughts, shadows of past events tracing his long journey back to where it all started. He went through so much that everything seems to be somebody else’s story. The sort of self-alienation that keeps striking you over and over.

When he contemplated his reflection on the surface, he looked older, a lifeless skeleton. It was at that same instant that he realized that every memory, every adventure that gave him a deeper anchoring and self esteem was draining a valuable amount of his soul. If a puppet recognizes the master behind the curtain, would that be of any help? If the path has been already set and the road to its end has been already carved, do you still have the choice to take the side road. When time is the mastermind of all, can you be the timeless statue claiming what has be stolen?