(The new friend 🤩)

………. Episode 3 ………..

I read his message and oh my gosh, this guy is annoying. Who does his story help?. Mttcheew. Well, I’ll just tell him my name and age,simple. He’s a stranger to me anyways.

“I’m Ella and I’m seventeen years old” I replied.

“ Ella, nice name. So, can we be friends?” He asked and I said okay.

Hmm, Alex’s gonna hear this and I’m very sure he will laugh his heart out. I checked the time on my phone and it’s almost four in the evening, time to go for lesson. I picked my phone and my small lesson bag and dressed up for lesson.


It’s been months now or let me just say almost four months now that I and Jhalil became friends and I’ll say he’s such a funny and jovial person. And I’ve got to know more about him and his family I mean. He’s the first and only male child of three which means he’s got two younger sisters and his mum who is also a doctor and his dad a business man.

Infact, the way we gist and chat will make one think we’ve known each other for years. Alex also knows about our friendship and he advices me to be careful.

I and Jhalil continued being friends for a very long time that even Alex is now jealous of Jhalil for stealing my attention from him.

Well, my exam came and I did well and same also with Alex and Jhalil. What a coincidence!. I chose the same school with Alex but we’re in a very different department. As for Jhalil, I learnt from him that he stays in the same Lagos State with us but different part entirely and he’ll be studying in unical Calabar while I and Alex Lasu Lagos State.

So, in few months time, we all should be university students.

I and Jhalil have done a lot of video calls and so I kinda really know his sisters who are twins and his mom but I noticed they all love him. I mean,they pay a very special attention to him and when I asked him why he said it’s because he had almost died of one kind sickness like that and so he needs very special attention. I felt very bad for him. What a poor boy.


(Few months later)

It’s time to bid my family a little farewell alongside Alex. The car is waiting outside. LASU, here we go. I could see the drop of tear on my daddy’s eye and I remembered the discussion we had last night.

(Last night throwback)

“Hello” I heard him called outside my room. “Come in, the door is open” I yelled and sat upright. He came in with smiles on his face and sat beside me. My dad my best friend forever.

“Hmmhmhm” he cleared his throat and continued “ so, my angel will be a university student tomorrow now. I’ll miss you my baby girl” he said and and Pat me gently. “I will miss you too Dad and is not like am going forever. It’s just school and I’ll come back home for holiday. You guys are just making it look like a big deal” i said and rolled my eyes and continued “After all, is Emma not also in school? Of course and he is doing very fine” I concluded and faced him.

“you are right my dear, ok, so any gist for daddy?” He asked and winked at me and I replied him with a blow on his back and hissed because I know what he meant. “No gist for you,old man” I said and expected his frowning face because I know he hates it when I call him an old man. And he did! He frowned his face and pushed my head and hissed. “Ok” he said and continued “I know there’s nothing intimate between you and Alex but in case it is, you guys should thread carefully in school o because the way am looking at it, is like fate has destined for you two to be together as you guys are just having so many things in common. So, please,I know you are not too small to have a boyfriend in this century but in whatever you do or even if it is not Alex but someone else. You should always remember the child of whom you are and continue being the good girl you are. And please my dear, do not let distance stop you from being open to me. Always feel free to share your thoughts with me”.he said and I also made my pledges to him to continue being my daddy’s daughter and family’s pride. And we played and gossip and gists as he helped me pack my luggages.


( back to present)

When I saw the tears on daddy’s face and remembered our discussion, I felt guilty and my conscience judged me because I know I know I haven’t told him about my Facebook friend and that we are not just friends but best of friends. But I don’t think it necessary, after all it’s just Facebook stuffs.

I gave everyone a goodbye hug including troublesome Eve too. And off we went with Alex beside me playing games on his phone as usual.

We arrived at school and did all necessary things and unpacked into our various hostels. And the first semester began.

It’s been months in school now and my friendship with Jhalil is now almost a year. I was in the football field watching Alex and the rest of the boys playing ball. My room mates had always believed Jhalil to be my boyfriend as he’s very caring and always checking on me whenever he has the chance to. And we will stroll out and gist,chat, gossip and play. He also made me swear to always come and watch him play in the field. So, going to the football field has forcefully became my habit.

I saw Jhalil’s message and it really gave me a shocker. Although I had always anticipated when this day will come because I don’t know how I have secretly fallen in love with him. But I didn’t know the day is finally here. Oh my God!

He just asked me out!

Yeah. Jhalil just said he loves me. Let me read it again, perhaps am just imagining things.

“Ella, I thank you for accepting to be my friend and indeed being a very good friend to me. But Ella, I’ve been having this feeling for you since day one that you accepted my friend request but I don’t even know how it will sound to anyone’s hearing that I fell in love at first sight with you on Facebook. But, I’m tired of hurting myself secretly when I know it is not just friends I want with you. If I’m pushing too far or asking too much. I will want you Ella to be my girlfriend” he said. Wow!

It’s real!

I’m not hallucinating. It’s very real

“Yes, I …I… wi.. will be y.. your girlfriend” I replied without even giving it a second thought.

I was just beaming with smiles and blushing carelessly until someone dragged my hair playfully and I turned back to see Alex’s annoying face smiling at me.

“We’re done for today, let’s go” he said and added “this one you are blushing like she-goat like this, what’s the news?” He asked.

Oh! I have to tell Alex. I have to break this beautiful news to Alex and I brought out my phone to show the message to him


Hello guys, sorry for the late post.

What do you think? Our Ella has fallen in love but what will be Alex’s reaction to this?

Hmm. Poor Alex

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