Alternatives to Traditional Flossing — What Are the Options

Every time you visit the dentist, you may be asked a question whether or not your floss. And then you are aware about the benefits of flossing and disadvantages of not flossing; but you just don’t like to floss using a string tied between your fingers. This is the fact that flossing can be quite challenging for many people but it doesn’t have to be the reason not to floss.

Having that said, it is worth mentioning that there are some alternatives you can go for if you are one of the people who just don’t like to floss.


Use of toothpick can be quite effective when it comes to getting rid of the food particles stuck between the teeth. However, you have to make sure that you are using it with light hands because it can damage the gums due to the stiffness in it. Although toothpick is not the best alternative to the floss, it is still better than not cleaning the interdental spaces.

Floss holders

If you are not comfortable with the use of traditional dental floss and you also want to use a string for cleaning the interdental spaces, you can go for the floss holder. A floss holder mainly consists of a handle with a U-shaped curve on the other side of the hand. A string is tied to the both sides of the U-shaped curve. You will just have to hold the handle and insert the string between the teeth. It will surely make cleaning quite easier.

Interdental brushes

Another quite easier way to clean interdental spaces is the use of interdental brushes. The brush essentially consists of a head with small bristles. Since there can be different widths of the interdental spaces, there are brushes available with different sizes of the widths of the head. You can easily find one that would be suitable for you.

Electric flossing device

The electronic flossing device uses a nylon piece which is vibrated between the interdental spaces with the help of the motor fitted in the holder of the device. This vibrating motion helps in uprooting the plaque and tartar. The best thing about this device is that it doesn’t injure your gums as it remains gentle in that area. However, it is pretty hard for the debris stuck in the area.

Oral irrigator

Oral irrigator is also known as water floss. It is a device which uses stream of pulsing water fired into the interdental spaces. The striking force of this stream can help you get rid of the food particles and plaque from the area.

With all the options mentioned above, you may now go for the option that suits you well. One thing that you have to make sure is that you are not missing the flossing of your teeth. To know what option works best for you, you can call your dentist.