A Taste of Enlightenment

From Here, Right Now,
The View is Real.

Unless you are Here and Now,
You will only See
What your Mind
Wants you to See…

You Are More Than Your Thoughts

Step Outside Your Box,
The Box That Is Your Mind.

Stop Time.

The Past is Gone
The Future does not Exist
Either Way,
Not Real.

There is no Future,
There is no Past.

There is only Now.

The rest is Pretend,
Non Existent.

If You Spend Your Life
Identifying With The Pretend,
The Imaginary,
& The Non Existent..

You Are Insane.

Your Mind is Driving You Crazy,
Getting You Lost In That
Which Does Not Exist…

Never Forget,
The Only Thing That Is Real,
Is the Here & Now.

Surrender, Accept, and Be.

Act Accordingly.

Repeat as Necessary.