Drama & Attachment Part 1 — An Overview

All the drama in your life stems from attachment.

Your self actualization is directly correlated with your ability to discern these attachments and systematically de-attach from them.

In short, that which you are attached to will hold you back.

You may find yourself attached to a concept — perhaps an idea, or an achievement; maybe your image, persona, or actions. Consequently, your attachment to these concepts ends up defining you. You become synonymous with the concept, and as such you are trapped in the box of that concept. It owns you. And when this concept is threatened, you are threatened. As such, your attachment leaves you vulnerable and constrains your true being.

For example, consider the concept of “competition.” Your attachment to competition is what leads to drama and anxiety about winning or losing, being better or worse. For people that are not attached to the concept of “competition”, the ups and downs that stem from competitiveness do not exist — it’s not even a thing for them. As such, these people are free.

You may also become attached to other people. You may find yourself subconsciously relying on another person for energy, and as such the contentment you experience becomes directly correlated with the presence of this person in your life. Left unattended, this can become addiction. You end up needing this person, and that makes you extremely vulnerable and puts the relationship in a very fragile and dangerous state. Note that both sides can become addicted as well, and this is an extremely volatile situation that too often results in tragedy.

At the end, the lesson is one and the same, every time. Your suffering stems from attachment, whether to concept or person, past or future. Learn to accept, let go, and embrace the here and now.