Thought Tracing

We spend the majority of our lives unconsciously swept away in habitual thought loops that we endlessly repeat, over and over and over again. This is the cause of our perpetual suffering, as we constantly ruin the moment that we are currently in by not being fully present. Instead, we end up identifying with these thought patterns, becoming them, and as a result we become trapped in our minds.

The first step towards addressing this issue is becoming aware of our thoughts. We must catch our mind in the act.

Make an active, rigorous effort to catch your mind every time it goes off on its own. As soon as you catch a thought, redirect your psyche so that you are observing the thought, objectively and without judgment, and with full and complete attention.

When I catch a thought, my strategy is to take the thought and restructure it in my head to fit the following transcript:

“This is my Mind, thinking about blah blah.. because blah blah.. and it’s okay.

As you observe your thoughts objectively, and with complete attentiveness, your Self separates from the mind, and frees you from the bindings of your mentality. Over time, the thought will dissolve, and what remains will be peace.

Make sure that as you do this, you are not judging the thoughts you have, nor are you judging the fact that you are having these thoughts. Your judgment will create attachment, which will bind you to the thoughts even more. Remain objective. Forgive yourself, accept the situation, and observe.

Also note that your most deeply entrenched thought loops, those which have defined you for the majority of your life, will require significantly more time and attention than the rest. The thoughts the come during times of “crisis” will also carry similar difficulty. Do not be surprised that when facing these types of thoughts, they do not dissolve. That’s okay. As long as you are observing them, and accepting them fully, they will eventually lose strength and die.

Unconscious thoughts are like hidden vampires, secretly draining you of your energy. Focusing your attention on them illuminates them, and with time and acceptance, they fizzle and disappear.

Be vigilant, be aware, and remain objective.

Become The Watcher.