Use with react native — Nov 2017

Abdul Haseeb
Nov 19, 2017 · 1 min read

I’d gone through many stack over flow questions regarding how to connect library with react native. Most of them are using some sort of complex method to get connect with sockets.

From some of the latest stack over flow questions, navigator.userAgent object is changed into react-native and then importing library, but this is very old and good method. I honestly couldn’t find a good article to connect with react-native.

The point of this article isn’t explain developing any react-native app with, but to demonstrate how to emit and listens to sockets in RN.

If you didn’t installed client side package on your RN app, you can easily done by running following command.

npm install --save

Now, go back to your app and import SocketIOClient

import SocketIOClient from ‘'

In your constructor, create an instance which will connect with your backend.

this.socket = SocketIOClient('http://localhost:80000');

Now, you’re automatically connected with your server. And you can start emitting to server & listens to data from server.

In the following example, Constructor will create an instance to socket of type SocketIOClient , and automatically connects with your server. When your app loads, socket emits a message ‘Hi server’ to your server through ‘channel1’.
When a user hit on ‘Click’ button, will emit an object to your server.

RN Code

Server Side:

Don’t forget to install dependencies and server library.

npm install --save

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