Why Kids Should Read More

I read books because of the greatest influence on my life. Books have formed me who I am today, how I think, and what I feel. They have all been formed by what I read. And that practice of reading good books begin when I was in the elementary.

My mother paid for my allowance. And my allowance was based on reading books. I was the biggest child. My mother paid me to read books as I grew up. She would select the books and put them in my hands. When I finished a book we were talking about what I read at the dinner table. Books were our dinner discussion. I was giving her a one-page report on what I learned from the book and how I was going to apply it to my life. When I was 11-year-old came to the conclusion that my attitude more than anything else would determine my success in life.

My mom invested in me. She never paid me to do chores because I was part of a family. She put all her money where her values are and if she can fill my mind with the right thoughts I could accomplish in life. Now, I have a little brother and I am picking out the books for him and I will do this until he gets certain ages. I will also pay him to read the books.

Now, I highly suggest you start investing in your children by picking out and putting some book in their hands to change their life. Because books change lives. Trust me, it’ll be the greatest investment that you ever make.