Reading in my notes app every day:
“Buy pregnancy test”
Not doing it.
Thinking about it
All the time
Texting friends, and the father-to-be
Going about life with a troubled look on my face
A woman possessed with a dark secret.
Increased hunger, foggy head, slightly-larger-than-usual stomach, tiredness
Clear signs that I must be pregnant.

“Is abortion free in Denmark”

Buying groceries
Looking at the pregnancy tests hanging by the cashier
Not buying them.
Not scared of judgement in the supermarket
But the price.
I can wait a few more days.

Spending what I would have done on…

Often an undervalued part of the drinking journey, the hangover can actually be conductive to inner peace.

Four years ago I was going through a troubled time. I’d entirely lost my sense of self, worth and love. And my mum gave me a book — The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. One night, inspired by this book, I experienced incredible presence— a timeless trancelike state. It was and still is the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had.

Recently I rummaged through my boxes in my dad’s attic, and reopened that book, because I feel like I’ve lost a lot…


Rants about things I feel and experience. Truth, with a sprinkling of fiction (for those who believe in the truth of fiction and the fiction in truth).

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