The Hackathon: A Powerful Tool for Government Innovation

An Environment for Rapid Innovation

While the primary focus of hackathons is problem solving, there are a myriad of other benefits at these events, which is why many traditionally non-tech companies are jumping on board (read more about this trend in this recent article from the Economist). Participants get the chance to collaborate with new people in their industry, learn new skills, find team members for other projects and win prizes. Some will build a new product, receive an offer for a new position or attract investors for a startup idea. Most importantly, hackathons have already generated numerous solutions for sustainable energy, better data usage, an improved healthcare industry and more.

Governments Creating Change with AngelHack

AngelHack is the leading host of hackathons, including virtual challenges, global competitions and white-label hackathons working with corporations, governments and nonprofits. Sabeen Ali is AngelHack’s CEO, and holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Development. Ali leads AngelHack with the intention of building a diverse community and connecting change-makers with those that need innovative solutions the most.





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