IA#7: Reflection on Institutions and Icons of Patronage

The paper tackled about the arts and culture in the Philippines during the Marcos’ years (1965–1986) through the Cultural Center of the Philippines, Philippine High School for the Arts, and the National Museum of the Philippines.

Image 1. Cultural Center of the Philippines
Image 2. Philippine High School for the Arts
Image 3. National Museum of the Philippines

It argues that those institutions were not only integral to the epic of the nation, but also became the iconography of the Marcos rule in serving as institutions of patronage. The Marcos’ support of the arts and culture is not merely interpreted as a political propaganda but also as a spectacular performance, recasting themselves as the origin and apotheosis of the Philippines through monopoly of law, aesthetics and images.

For me, political powers have also influenced art based on this topic. I think the Marcos’ name is badly wanted to be remembered that they created themselves an icon out of art and politics. Despite this, the three institutions paved way as agents into further giving art an importance and appreciation.

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