IA #8: Mind and Body

  • Self-portraits showing my inner state of mind
  • Self-portraits showing humans as flawed
  • Self-portraits showing me overcoming my limits

On the first set of photos showing my inner state of mind, the first two photos pictures me being happy. I am a happy person and when I’m happy, I make others feel happy, as well. The third photo shows me being sad. I don’t like showing people that I am sad, which is why I bowed my head in the photo. Another is the fourth photo wherein I placed a happy smile drawing on my lips showing that I am happy even when there are times that I am not. On the second set of photos showing me as a flawed, the first photo reveals half of my face without anything on, thus showing my white eyebrow, pimple scars, and others. The second photo shows me covering up my flaws before facing the public to look more presentable. On the third set of photos showing me overcoming my limits, the first photo is me holding a frog for the first time. I am afraid of frogs but I was able to overcome my fear and experience eating a delicacy made out of frogs. It was delicious! The second photo is me doing a baby freeze stunt. It took me weeks and even got myself into an injury (sprain) before I was able to master that stunt. The third photo is me with my friend, Isaiah, during our immersion at Hacienda Luisita. As a girl who grew up in Manila, doing farm chores was very hard but I was able to finish the immersion and survive there for 4 days. Yay!

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