Being present, in the present

or activating happiness when you don’t have what you want.(yet)

Last Sunday, the message in church was about contentment. When you’re thrown a topic like that, of course you end up thinking about the wins in your life that are still on its way. I’m sharing a life tidbit this year where I felt truly content, and hopefully this encourages at least 1 person who might need to hear it.

Sometime in March earlier this year, I had a mini-sabbatical and was in the streets of New York heading to where Macy’s is. At that time, I wasn’t actually planning to go to Macy’s, I was simply planning to check out the art shops in the surrounding area.

So while on the road, a few hours before lunch, I got the strangest question from a man who called me from behind.

“Hey, would you like some flowers?”

I didn’t turn to look, but he called again, and repeated to say that he wants to give me flowers, so would I want them?

“No, it’s okay”, I replied. [My first thought: ooh, accept it, it would make a nice post on Facebook, My second thought: naaah, you’re gonna have to lug it around, PASS. ]

“Where are you from?” , he asked.

“The Philippines” , I quipped before politely saying my parting words. All this conversation was happening while walking over 2 blocks.

So what’s my point?

Well the night before this incident, I had one of those strong attacks of loneliness. (I think my eyes even perspired a bit :-p) I thought about wanting to meet the right person ALREADY. So the random-flower-offer seemed, at the onset, to be a big fat taunt.

Later that day, my wandering feet ended up taking me to Macy’s and surprise of all surprise, the entire place was FULL of flowers, because it was… the Macy’s Flower Festival. Being in light-headed tourist mode, I didn’t notice it right away until I asked myself why the air inside smelled so good. And soon as I realised, it did cheer me up because I felt that I got something better than the bouquet foregone that morning. #oneUP haha

But do you know what really gave me peace by day’s end? It was coming to realise about the One who made flowers in the first place. I was floored by how He truly designed creation to be a source of fragile beauty, and that while the perfect man could give me flowers in the future (hopefully near future haha), I can already feel loved TODAY, RIGHT NOW knowing that flowers have been created, handcrafted and breathed into life with my delight in mind.

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