Interested get interesting

Start with a nature’s example: Whenever we interact with others and find only good features of them and share with others then what happened that one will be attracted and will actually enjoy your company because he knows you has positive attitude towards him. On the other hand if you face someone doesn’t catch the good features of yours and just degrade you and kick the reality, it’s totally embarrassment and applied science says that human nature never will accept that and will hate in you return.

We can find thousands of such examples and according to my own knowledge and keeping Dale Carnegie’s book in front, “How to win friends and influence people”. In his books he shared his experience about a magician, that once he met a successful magician, Thurston and asked him about his success secret, Thurston replied that I show almost the same what other magicians but the only difference between others and me is the Passion and Dedication. Others magicians made a mind that will make the audience fool and they will be attracted and praise but what I always keep in mind that the audience came for me is because they like me and I like to make them happy by showing what I can do the best for them.

Even when it comes to animal or birds creation then we’ll find the same feeling what we look in our human creature. A parrot, sparrow or dog, elephant, cat even a lion have the reversible feeling, they keep interest in the interested human, love them and they will love you in return.

Now sharing my own experience of life, when I asked related questions from study mates like about the future planning about further studies, how is there life going etc, they do the same to me in return with keeping keen interested and another example from stranger life, As I’m a student and I do live in a hostel, once I offered and I was going back to room with some sweets in my hand, I saw a silent poor stranger boy and I shared some sweet with him, he smiled and smile every time he see me now.

Last but not least, Same as the case for the interviewer, if we take a serious interest and research about him, his contribution to the company, dimension and planning of the company then we’ll have a real interview rather than just ask a few formal questions and almost make us skipped.

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