None of this is new and I don’t know that it’s possible to follow these 100%. But if these are your targets then your code will be a pleasure to work with.

The Function Does Not Rely on Hidden Cleverness

Language peculiarities around order of interpretation for type coercion are confusing. Yes it’s fun to explore them, but…

The file structure of the application informs the decisions a developer makes about how to organize their logic.

If the structure reflects poor organization, or categorization without intent, the code written in that structure will be poorly organized and categorized without intent.

Consider the separation of logic and model. Where…

Any function in your application depending on the state of a mutable object === a bad time.

What is so bad about depending on the state of a mutating object for a function to work correctly every time?

Everything. Here is an abridged list of all of the things.

  1. Things…

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