Day 4 of my Gothenburg adventure

As I reached into the tupperware full of chilli crab and prawns, I could feel myself salivate. 2 of my favourite things in the world!! only thing is, I had to peel the prawns, which is fine.

Then I woke up and realised it was all a dream.

Day 4 and I have adapted. The doors here weigh a ton, like it literally requires your whole body weight to push the door open. BUT AS I’VE MENTIONED, I’VE BEEN ASSIMILATED. there’s actually a button at the side of these doors, that automatically opens the door. Swag.

Also, I just got out of an awkward mingling session. and I found out 2 things.

  1. Ang Mohs also feel awkward in new social settings!! there were more silent moments than lively ones, and ALOT of awkward smiles and nods to each other.
  2. THE CONCEPT OF BOLSTERS DO NOT EXIST IN THIS PART OF THE WORLD. I was talking to a new friend from Paris, who was asking me what I miss most about Singapore. (she also knows the correct geographical location of Singapore, unlike many who think that Singapore is located somewhere in China.)

My answer to her question was: My Bolster.

I don’t know why I expected her to know what I was talking about, because the face she gave left me baffled. she was like:

and I was like ??? oh do you not understand what I’m talking about? OK let me Google image it up.

and if you Google’d it, it’s almost all the small bolsters that work more like a back rest than an actual human sized huggable bed accessory. -.- who even buys shit like that???



anyway I found the perfect depiction of what I was talking about, and showed her this:

and I saw her mind (metaphorically) blown to bits.

these were the words that left her mouth:

what is that??? I’ve never seen anything like this!! it’s like hugging a person!!


Caroline read my post, and corrected my quote on the price of that bottle of Rosé. She said it cost us $8 for a bottle.


By the way guys, just to provide you with a mental picture of what the selection of alcoholic beverage look like, here are some pictures.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking, EEEEE, carton wine where got nice??? Please give these companies A+ for packaging at least!! They also have glass bottles la (duh), if you look hard enough at this picture, you can find it.

HAHA, so far, all the organic beverages I’ve tasted don’t taste good. But again, A+ for packaging la.

After we got done with school stuff, we decided to head to a cheaper alternative of IKEA, called JYFK. Hopped onto a bus and off we went.

We arrived at the area, a place that is Singapore’s equivalent of Changi Expo Hall. A lot of parking space, and warehouse looking retail space.

Did not go too crazy inside JYFK, cos we already had quite a bit of stuff from our IKEA run. But the things here are cheaper la, no doubt. Like a comforter/quilt here costs 100 SEK (~16sgd). GOOD DEAL LOR.

Paid, left, and beside JYFK stood a Giant Toys R Us. I didn’t take a photo to show you how gigantic it is, cos we were looking for a toilet. My rationale for going in to find one? Parents need a place to change diapers and shit (pun not intended, but since I realised it, I will say it is intended), confirm got toilet one.

I was right! There was A toilet. 1 single toilet. Went in, and wow, the size of this SINGLE toilet, is even bigger than an EC Bedroom OK!!

It had 1 adult toilet bowl, 1 child toilet bowl, 1 changing area, and a total of 5 sinks. HAHAHAHA, I guess they had so many sinks cos sometimes parents share this bathroom, one use changing station, the others can use the sink to wash backside.

Then, we went to the Zoo!!! YES! You heard me right! There was a zoo in this Swedish Singapore Expo!!

Found some parrots
I forgot what this was, not a chinchilla, cos too small, and tail too long and skinny, but obviously not a rat too. But I think rodent family la.
At the aquarium section, I found some goldfish for sale. 1 fish costs 99SEK, not only is it more expensive than a packet of Salmon from the supermarket, but also, when converted, it is 15.85 SGD. For ONE goldfish. Sigh, if only the swedes knew 1 packet of these in SG costs $2 (12SEK) and are used as feed for bigger fishes.

By the way, at this Zoo, there is also a section for you to pick and choose your pet’s food. Like you literally take a scoop and pick whatever you want to feed your pet, weigh it, pay and check out. You know? Like choosing gummy bears from Minitoons?

LIKE THIS! Except this is bedding. But same shit different smell la ok.

By the way, this is the ZOO I’m talking about!!!!!!!!


LOLOL, sorry, my clickbait game weak.

Okay, so if you’ve observed, I usually share some ‘significant’ finding of the day (SF it shall henceforth be known).

Today’s SF 1: I got cheated by H&M over my shaving razor (yup, that’s right. They don’t sell only clothes here. There’s a whole section of the shop dedicated to make-up (Maybelline, Loreal, Max Factor, and some brand called ISA something) on Day 2. Paid 180SEK (28.80 SGD), but found a PACKET of razorS for 60SEK at Coop.

Here’s a picture to remind myself of the painful lesson learned.

SF 2: Found the American equivalent of Costco. Heart was pumping right out of my chest the WHOLE time.

They had 70, (read: SEVENTY, 7 TENS) aisles, NOT INCLUDING THEIR FREEZER sectionS (I lost count of the number of rows of freezers they had).

I tell you, if they brought this to Singapore, even if it was toilet bowl covers, confirm will stillhave hoards of aunties squeezing to buy.

This was just 1 of the 6 rows of shower creams/gels.

Also, FINALLY FOUND A BOX OF TISSUES. NOT SERVIETTES. Bought 2 of em. But nothing can beat the 3-ply they have back home.
Found Dragon Eggs!! I have no idea what this is. Has anyone tried it? Is it good? Is it ang moh durian??? Cos if it is then please keep your opinion to yourself.

The following picture is for all my cheese lovers out there. This is a warning that you will probably gasp, and no one will judge you. I might have even gasped your share of it when I saw this:

This block of cheese weighs 2.2KILOGRAMS.

The following picture is for all my meat lovers out there. I’m just gonna cut to the chase la okay? Don’t want give y’all blue balls.

No words.
So. Many. Aisles.
HAHA, I don’t know what flavours these are, but Nissin = legit right?
Okay, to be fair, you can find $4 Pink Himalayan Salt at Mustafa centre, so this is really nothing, except, A+ packaging.

Oh, and Ma, Pa, Jo, if you’re reading this. Don’t need to worry if I kena food poisoning again ok? I found enough toilet paper to wipe until backside tear.

Just would like to bring your attention to the fact that this is 1 packet.

I know when girls go on European exchange, they go sight seeing, take nice photos for Instagram, go to Zara/ H&M/ A&F/ Outlet malls to shop, etc etc. But for Carol and I, we are too homebody. We immediately came back home after shopping at Coop.

Jared and Jo, I think this post has proven that both Carol and I are housewife material. I don’t know why both of you still haven’t propose yet. WILL YOU PLEASE LOOK AT THIS PHOTO AND ASK YOURSELVES WHY YOU ARE STILL PROCRASTINATING TO ASK OUR HAND IN MARRIAGE??????????
Boys, LOOK. INSTRUCTIONS IN SWEDISH, BUT WE STILL MANAGED TO OPERATE THE MACHINES OKAY. If this isn’t what you’re looking for in a wife, I don’t know what is already.

Shall end today’s post with a picture of our laundry in the washing machine, cos you know, photography.