Days 5, 6 and 7 of my Gothenburg experience

Hi everyone. It’s Monday today, which means my first weekend in Gothenburg has just passed. Want to know how we spent it?

At home. Doing nothing. Except nap, cooking & eating, and cleaning the room. L.O.L. SUCH HOUSEWIFE MATERIAL RIGHT (Read: Please don’t forget to marry us, Jo & Jared)

Okay let me show you what my weekend looked like in pictures.

First order of the day is always to prepare breakfast & coffee.

Wanted to abuse the opportunity to show you my $4 mason jars. YA LA I KNOW TAO BAO LIKE A FEW CENTS, BUT DOES IT LOOK LIKE WE HAVE TAO BAO HERE???

I am forcing myself to drink at least 2 litres of water everyday. So far, so good. Because we have been home so much, lol. When we are out, bottled water can cost more than a cup of latte, so of course cheaper alternative right? HAHAHA.

Can you guys see what’s in the background? That’s me updating my blog, cos now I upgrade to travel blogger liao ma.

You may think, wah, this girl (or blogger)so fancy. Make shredded chicken salad all. This is all a lie guys.

Allow me to explain: the grilled chicken here costs cheaper than raw chicken meat.

Case in point (not sure if I already shared it earlier, but I will just tell you the story anyway): the other 3 SMU boys who are also here for exchange went to the supermarket 2 minutes from our hostel to get some chicken meat. We asked them how much what they bought and how much they paid. They told us they got 2 drum sticks at a “rather cheap price”. So you know la, the 2 aunties that are us heard the word “cheap” then straight away asked “how much!?!?!”.

They said “79.90 SEK”.





Anyway, back to my shredded chicken. We found a supermarket called Hemkorp, that sells 1 packet (like those Black pepper grilled chicken/ Honey teriyaki chicken you find at Fairprice), for 39.90 SEK. That’s 6.41 SGD for 1 WHOLE.GRILLED.CHICKEN.

(Almost the price of 1 drumstick the SMU boys bought. LOLOLOL)

So what we have been doing is to shred the grilled chicken and put them into little lunch boxes and keeping them for as and when we want to add them to our dishes. #brokestudentsoverseaslife

Also, I cannot do without my broccoli. If you know me, you know I love my broc. So I usually add broc on top of my salad leaves. It makes me fart so much, but I don’t mind it. Carol on the other hand, doesn’t share the same sentiments. HAHAHA.

During my internship, there’s a stall in Maxwell that sells salads for $4.90 which I frequent. Jacob, a fellow intern, used to joke, that I should just tell the aunty that I want my sides (they let you pick 3 or 5 sides) to be all broccoli.

Okay, so we really spent Saturday doing nothing but nap/ skype/facetime our family. Time passes really slow here. So,

Doing nothing + slow passage of time = even slower passage of time.

Then it got to a point where even we ourselves could not take it. After carting out $120 worth of Boohoo items, we went out to check out the night life in Gothenburg.

The time we left home (~9pm) was even later than the latest time we got home the past few days (~5.30pm).

Can’t remember the name of the street we were on, but it was filled with little bars. It was also freezing la, like 15°C, and we were NOT prepared for it.

As we were waiting for more friends to arrive, both Carol and I decided to sit on a park bench and wait. Then… We saw a bunch of young punks walking in our direction. But we ignore la, cos you know, not so cocky to think they want to talk to us or anything.

They walked past us, but the whole time they were just staring at us la. And that happens quite often here, I think it’s primarily cos Asians are a very rare breed here.

Then SUDDENLY, one of the young punk came to us to ask “Where you girls from?”

First, DO NOT EVER DO THAT!!! At least introduce yourself, before asking such a question!!

And because we are polite young ladies, we replied, “we’re from Singapore, why do you ask that?”

and that little PUNKASS replied:

Oh, we thought you Thai.

We got Siam-bu-ed in Sweden sia. Sigh.

Here’s the street where we got Siam-bu-ed.
Also, we decided to sit at the outdoor area of a bar that was directly opposite a strip tease club. Because we damn kaypoh, and wanted to see who went in. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
Drinking outdoors aren’t super cheap though. Here are our 2 glasses of beer, that tasted good, but cost an average of $10.

So that concludes day 5.

Then here I have a picture to sum day 6 up:


We did not bring umbrellas, so we pretty much were cooped up home cos well, we didn’t have umbrellas. Later go out kena pneumonia how?

Day 7 (today), was the first day of school.


Even though all of my classes are in English, the profs are mostly Swedes. So their dominant language is still Swedish. Because of that, they use a lot of “uh” and “eh” when giving their lectures. I theorise that this happens cos they need to translate their dominant thought language (that I’d imagine to be Swedish) into English words before they speak.

Also, we forgot to pack our lunch today, because we thought we only needed to go for 1 class, turns out we only had an hour break before going back for ACTUAL class. The first class we went to, was 2 hours, and was only the intro class. L.O.L.

Had no choice but to eat out. It was our first time eating OUT, since our arrival (cos we budget and would rather spend money on travel than expensive food, you know). Went to a little cafe, ordered lunch + coffee for 121 SEK (~$19 SGD). Heart pain. But we aunty ma, so we made sure we wiped our plates clean, even though we knew it would give us food coma in class later.

Nothing exciting to say about school, but one funny thing happened. The toilets here are unisex, so basically there are separate private cubicles, with toilet bowl, sink and all. But you got to queue if all the cubicles are taken up (duh), and in the queue there can be anyone in it.

So I took a dump before class. Like a big one. And then when I opened my door, I saw a girl come in. And I don’t know why she didn’t want to choose the other available cubicles, cos she walked straight into the cubicle where I just dropped a Hiroshima atomic bomb sia. Hope that did not ruin her first day of school man.

Also, to end my post, here’s a picture of our lunch tomorrow! IT IS SO DANG CUTE.
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