Nothing can be all things to all people.
Jessica Yurasek

I beg your pardon? What do you mean by its not for me? Am I not a person just like you or like the others who have needs? Sure I may have diffrent intrestes and needs than you, but I still would like to travel around and explore. I have been studying for 10 years in diffrent universities, I have 4 bacholar dgrees and one higher diploma (I’m not joking), and currently I would like to travel and discover new countries (but not like Christopher Columbus) but I can’t have the travel freedom someone with a U.S passport has, you may ask why.? I will tell you, becouse I have to find a job first to get the visa travel, and there are no jobs available for me where I live (yes you heard that correctly), but I have the cash to travel. Yea and btw don’t forget the extensive profiling also (not that you know of), and the amount of questions they ask (they even get very personal). Therefore please think before you write.