This Is How 4 ACC Teams Can End Up In The College Football Playoff

Houston Barber
Nov 13, 2015 · 4 min read

Last week, a Florida Gator fan proposed the possibility of a 4 SEC team playoff. It was ridiculous. But it got me wondering what it would take to end up with 4 ACC teams in the playoff. No act of God, just wins and losses. Is it possible? After four hours of math, looking up conference tie-breaker rules, and my girlfriend asking me what the hell I was doing, I figured out the answer was yes.

This is the week by week scenario of what has to happen in order to end up with an all-ACC playoff and descend college football into a bottomless pit of despair that would ruin the sport and maybe life as we know it. If any of these games don’t turn out the way they are listed below, then everything is ruined.

Week 11

  • Alabama loses to Mississippi State
  • Ohio State loses to Illinois
  • Notre Dame loses to Wake Forest
  • Iowa loses to Minnesota
  • Baylor loses to Oklahoma
  • Stanford loses to Oregon
  • Oklahoma State loses to Iowa State
  • LSU loses to Arkansas
  • Utah loses to Arizona
  • Florida loses to South Carolina
  • Michigan State loses to Maryland
  • Michigan loses to Indiana
  • TCU loses to Kansas
  • Northwestern loses to Purdue
  • Navy loses to SMU
  • Memphis loses to Houston
  • Temple loses to USF
  • UNC loses to Miami
  • FSU beats NCST
  • USC beats Colorado
  • BYU loses to Mizzou
  • Ole Miss loses to Arkansas
  • Texas A&M loses to Western Carolina

So basically every team in the top 25 with the exception of Clemson, FSU, USC, and Oklahoma has to lose. It’s regarded as the most chaotic week in cfb history but still within the realm of what people can handle. Clemson is the unquestioned number one team in the country. The Big 12 loses its undefeated teams and any respect from the CFB committee. It’s a mess but college football fans are still having fun watching this season play out. Comparisons are made to the 2007 college football season. Then comes week 12.

Week 12

  • Alabama loses to Charleston Southern
  • Ohio State loses to Michigan State
  • Notre Dame loses to Boston College
  • Iowa loses to Purdue
  • Baylor beats Oklahoma State
  • Stanford loses to Cal
  • LSU loses to Ole Miss
  • Utah loses to UCLA
  • Florida loses to FAU
  • Oklahoma loses to TCU
  • Michigan loses to Penn State
  • Miss State loses to Arkansas
  • Northwestern beats Wisconsin
  • Navy loses to Tulsa
  • Memphis beats Temple
  • UNC beats VaTech
  • Houston loses to UCONN
  • USC loses to Oregon
  • Texas A&M loses to Vanderbilt
  • Washington State loses to Colorado
  • Miami beats GT

Clemson and FSU climb up the polls while the rest of the country is engulfed in flames of panic. Las Vegas shuts down for the rest of the season. Baylor is the only one-loss team in the country. Nothing is real anymore. On to the final week of the regular season.

Week 13

  • Clemson beats South Carolina
  • Alabama loses to Auburn
  • Ohio State loses to Michigan
  • Notre Dame loses to Stanford
  • Iowa loses to Nebraska
  • Baylor loses to TCU (by a lot)
  • Oklahoma State loses to OU
  • LSU loses to Texas A&M
  • Utah loses to Colorado
  • Florida loses to FSU
  • Michigan State loses to Penn State
  • Northwestern loses to Illinois
  • UCLA loses to USC
  • Navy beats Houston
  • Memphis loses SMU
  • Temple loses to UCONN
  • UNC loses to NCST
  • Wisconsin loses to Minnesota
  • Washington St loses to Washington
  • Miami beats Pitt
  • Arkansas beats Missouri

After finishing the regular season on a five-game win streak, Miami clinches the ACC coastal and plays undefeated Clemson. Only team in the SEC West finishes with one loss…Arkansas. They go to Atlanta to play the now four-loss Gators. Despite losing its final three games, Iowa goes to the BIG 10 championship to play Penn State, who beat Michigan and Michigan State in its final two games. The Pac 12 Championship features 4-loss USC vs 3-loss Stanford. FSU, OU and Baylor are the only teams with two losses at this point.

Championship Week

  • ACC Championship: Miami beats Clemson
  • Big 10 Championship: Iowa beats Penn State
  • Pac 12 Championship: USC beats Stanford
  • SEC Championship: Arkansas beats Florida
  • Baylor loses to Texas

Clemson loses but remains the only one loss team in the country, securing the number one seed. Miami, having just pulled a huge upset and ending the season on a big winning streak slides into the number two seed. FSU and Oklahoma are the only two loss teams in the country. But the committee turns its back on the Big 12 citing its style of play and general bias. FSU secures the number three seed. For the fourth seed, the committee has the option of 4-loss Big 10 champ Iowa, 4-loss Pac champ USC, 4-loss SEC champ Arkansas or the only non-Big 12 team with 3 losses, UNC. After much debate, the committe decides to go with the team with the less losses.

Thus the playoff ends up being Clemson, Miami, FSU and UNC. And the world burns.

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