fashion district

instead of focusing on the people, the places, and the fabrics, I wanted to shoot the silent inhabitants of all the side stores and shops: the mannequins. With close-ups and head shots, this is where the mannequins are.

To see the video version (passcode: 12345), click here:

We snuck up on a roof to get this shot.
A triage of perfectly posed, perfectly still models.
I laid down on the ground to get this shot. Curious looks from everyone.
The dress was beautiful, but look at the detail on this mannequin’s hand.
Passing these, my friend said: “Another unrealistic body standard.”
Left: shooting through the skirt fabric; Right: she’s serving up the looks.
Barefoot and beveling.
I guess the older mannequins lost all of their heads.
Right: looking at lenses through lenses. Left: Rows and rows of wigs — some bald
Why are they wearing blonde fros, though?
Frame within a frame — shooting through the arm of one mannequin to get a peek at another.
I love the framing here. The head on the far left is facing away, the one in the middle looks past us, and the one at the end is giving her a kiss.

the end.

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