Fuck "shall not be infringed".

If anything, we need a new amendment for equal rights. One that says "the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness shall not be infringed".

One where women and men are treated as equal under the law. One where rich and poor are treated equal under the law. One where no citizen, of any creed, shade, illness, or privilege shall be treated any more or less than equal under the law.

One where all American citizens are not "given" anything, where the duties of citizenship earns you the right to a happy, free life. Where we cease incarcerating people for anything other than depriving others of those freedoms.

One where armed militias are not a standing occupier in our land, as it is with police and FBI, but rather a duty of all able citizens to serve for a time, and then lay down arms forever.

Where rape is treated as the disease it is, and rooted out from our society.

Where murder, and slavery, are treated like cancer: not with incarceration, but with excision from society.

Where theft is treated like a mental illness, with compassion, counseling, and service to others.

Who we love, what we believe, how we behave in private shall not be infringed. Who we congregate with shall not be infringed. What we choose to do with our bodies, our cells, shall not be infringed.

All conscious beings should have this right. At best, we can only build that, and all citizens shall have equal right to that.

All primates, all life capable of organizing into families, of caring for one another, should have this right.

All conscious beings have the right to security of person and property.

All conscious beings have the obligation to defend each other, and these rights, and have a duty in service to this.

No conscious being shall be barred from citizenship provided they serve with honor in protecting these rights.

The right of fair contract shall not be infringed.

We need a new law, one which guarantees the life liberty and pursuit of happiness for all.

And if you abridge those freedoms, you have the right to a fair trial, and to compensate the aggrieved with your service and your property.

And if you don't like those freedoms you can go fuck yourself.