Rasamalai Recipe — A personal review

I was searching for an occasion to experiment in cooking. At last, I got Diwali 2018 to try something that tested my patience and diligence. After contemplating between rasagulla and rasamalai, I decided to make rasamalai for the occasion. My approach to cooking is to google search the recipe, skim 2–3 articles related to it and finalize the right one to refer for cooking.

Making — A summary

The recipe has two vital parts:

  1. Rasamalai balls
  2. Thickened Milk

Making the balls soft and consistent in size are the key aspects in preparation. Thickened milk consistency is relatively easier to achieve as it involves stirring milk, adding sugar and garnishing with pistachios and saffron milk at the end for 20–25 minutes.

Key points I remembered

  1. Full cream / white milk.
  2. Squeeze lemon into the milk when it’s not super hot. The result is a soft rasamalai curdle.
  3. While squeezing out the water from rasamalai curdle ensure there is some moisture in the resultant curdle.
  4. Add corn flour to thicken the curdled milk to make the rasamalai balls.
  5. Syrup : Water = 1 : 4.

Time taken — 2 hours.

Rasamalai balls cooking in sugar syrup

Learnings -

I got the obvious pieces, ingredients and quantities right. The imperfections were:

  1. Inconsistencies in size of the rasamalai balls. Reason: While rolling some of the balls, I used my hands instead of palms.
  2. The core of the balls were not completely cooked. Reason: My mind calculator. I cooked the balls in the syrup for lesser time. Ideal time required for cooking is 15–17 minutes and mind calculated time was approximately in the range 12-14 minutes.

These learnings may enable me structure my cooking better.

Rasamalai — to be served cold after 5–6 hours of refrigeration

Reference — https://www.cookwithmanali.com/make-soft-rasmalai-home/