5 tips to date a beautiful Vietnamese girl you should know

1. Where to find and meet Vietnamese girls?

For lazy guys, dating sites or apps are the quickest and easiest way to meet Vietnam girls. If you’re not, then YmeetMe is probably your best bet. The biggest site is worth checking out. It’s the site, you can setup dates with around 6–7 girls a few weeks before hand.

2. The friend-lover curve

Which at first is frustrating but becomes a source of amusement over time. It means that right upon meeting a sexy Vietnamese girl(s), they are spiked with wonder and give you instant affection.

3. Don’t be liar if you want to get a slap in your face

Vietnamese girls are stern, and means that in the best way possible. in the romanticized, classic sense of the word, when they start acting like the classic 1950’s uptight jealous wife, giving you a slap in the face for even seeing you walking (or riding motorbike with) another girl.

4. Relentless testing and being the white night

It’s pretty obvious at this point in the article that cold approach pickup is non-existent here (other than the handful of clubs at Saigon).

5. The different between Saigon vs. Hanoi Vietnamese girls

This difference between political city vs. business city is common throughout much of Asia. It is the Beijing vs. Shanghai, the Delhi vs. Mumbai; and the Hanoi vs. Saigon is not much different.



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