How to check your balance without using Trinity

HBMY 289
HBMY 289
Feb 13 · 4 min read

Follow the money trail using as an explorer

With the recent incident, it is not recommended to open Trinity, but a lot of people are scared and want to check if their funds are still safe. If you have a copy of the address your funds are on then this is as easy as entering it into a tangle explorer, but if you don’t then this article will describe how to follow the money trail and get your answer. Personally, I (HBMY289 on Iota Discord) was asked a few times to help with this process and it seems that many users do not know how to navigate in a tangle explorer. Thus I wrote this very short article to help other users with that.

Where to start?

First, you will need a point to start. For most people, this means checking up with the exchange where you withdrew the funds. Log in there and look for the withdrawal history. It will show you dates and transaction hashes.

Let’s assume you find an entry that says you withdrew 685.45 Mi on Oct 29th, 2018. The details of the entry show a transaction ID/hash.


Start exploring

There are a few good explorers for viewing transactions on the tangle, but personally, I recommend as it has the most complete database of historical transactions and is unsurpassed in speed as well.

Head over there and enter the transaction hash.

Withdrawal transaction

Click on the bundle hash to see the transaction in its bundle context.

Withdrawal bundle

This is the bundle that was issued by the exchange to send out the iotas. On the left side, you see the negative value transaction that shows where the iotas were coming from. On the right side, you see your withdrawal transaction and a second 216 Gi transaction. This second tx is the residual amount that was on the exchange’s address being sent to a new address.

As we want to follow the 685 Mi withdrawal, click on the arrow link above this amount (see red box). This brings us to the address the funds were transferred to.

Withdrawal address

This is a list of all transactions that happened on this address. At the bottom, we see the incoming transaction (positive value) from the exchange at 19:16 on the 29th of October. The first transaction (negative value) shows the full amount was transferred again a couple of minutes later at 19:25.

Click on the arrow link to follow this outgoing transaction.

Transfer bundle

This will display the bundle information for this transaction. Again, the left side shows where the iotas were coming from and the right side where they were sent to. We can see that 600 Mi were sent to one address and the rest to another. We want to follow the bigger chunk and click on the arrow link for that amount.

This will show the receiving address for the 600 Mi.

Here we are already at the end of the journey as we can see that there are no further outgoing transactions. The funds were received on Oct 29th at 19:25 and are sitting on that address safely since then.

If in your case you see an outgoing transaction from yesterday or today (Feb 12th or 13th 2020) that you did not do yourself you should contact the IF using the official Iota Discord server. If you are not already on there you can get an invite link here

Make sure to NEVER give out your seed or 24 Ledger safe words, no matter who asks you for that!

I hope this short article will at least give you some idea of how to navigate using and help you find some peace of mind during these somewhat troubled times.


HBMY 289

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HBMY 289

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