whats the deal with rompers

whats the deal with rompers

Perhaps no garment has ever been as hated as the romper. Conversely, no other garment matches its popularity. They are considered practical for being just one piece, but they are not convenient in practice. Women with long torsos are unable to wear them comfortably. The whole thing needs to come off to go to the bathroom. They are, for the most part, extremely unflattering. So why are so many women wearing them?

What’s The Deal With Rompers?

Rompers pop up in the summertime because they allow women to wear as little clothing as possible and still be completely covered up. Short dresses do not always preserve modesty. They give you the feeling of wearing short shorts without the uncomfortable waistband or zipper hardware.


whats the deal with rompers material

They are generally made out of very lightweight fabrics which makes them ideal for outdoor events like music festivals. In fact, music festivals essentially put rompers on the map. The romper is that odd fashion item that is known for being somewhat unattractive. Its appeal lies in the feeling that you need to have a fairly good figure to wear one and not look terrible. Wearing a romper is a fashion statement that has little to do with the romper itself.

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whats the deal with rompers history

Rompers didn’t emerge onto the fashion stage out of nowhere. In terms of style evolution, rompers are the next logical step after the ’70s clothing revival put jumpsuits back on store shelves. It makes sense that a ’70s garment would be popular at festivals that indulge everyone’s vintage bohemian tendencies.

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Another component of the romper’s popularity is that it makes the wearer look much younger than she really is. Women wear rompers to recapture the feeling of being on summer vacation from school.

Expect rompers to reemerge every summer for as long as Coachella remains a major event. They are bound to become one of the distinctive fashion identifiers of this era, precisely because they are the subject of so much debate in the fashion community.

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What’s the Deal with Rompers?

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