Linux has replaced my Mac

I never quite got the mobile nirvana experience with Linux. Don’t get me wrong, I use Linux on my desktop and servers quite happily for about ten years. But the experience on a laptop is just subpar.

  1. Wifi is still an issue
  2. Reliable standby needs a day’s work of tweaking after a dist upgrade
  3. You need multiple days to do energy efficiency tweaks.

And then there is the non Apple hardware. You mention the Dell XPS13. Widely acclaimed as the best thing if Apple isn’t you thing. Well, I can tell, the screen sucks due to its dynamic contrast shittery which is implemented in firmware and can’t be adjusted for the 1080p model. The broadcom wifi just is a hit-n-miss shittery as well.

I’ve been using a Macbook Air as my goto PC for the last four years. Yes, OSX frustates sometimes as well — there isn’t a perfect OS. But I’ve made my peace with it, because what I always wanted was a package manager and the standard unix-user tools. Macports or Brew just give that. At the end of the day, I just close my laptop and stuff just goes to standby and properly wakes up in the morning.