I Am the Dream Weaver. And so Are You

“Therefore, this is the message for the person who cares to read this blog: ¿What´s your life but a lucid dream? If that is so, who Are You but the Dream Weaver of your life?”

One year ago, January 12, 2016, I had a very realistic dream. So real, that I had to write about it, otherwise I would have forgotten it, regretting it later on. Here is what I wrote that day.

“Last night I had a very vivid and realistic dream, one of those where you know that you are dreaming — a dream within a dream. Deepak Chopra defines them as “lucid dreams”. I do not normally remember my dreams, but I could remember this one specially because one peculiarity. I remember the argument of the dream, but not the story itself. I remember being a dream weaver who had two choices. One was that I could dream the dream and let it decide the outcome. When I let it unfold by itself, my dream drifted out of control into an outcome that I did not like at all. My dream had become a nightmare. I then interrupted it without waking up and chose the other alternative. In my dream, I was surprised that I was able to do that. By being a weaver of dreams, no matter how the story actually unfolded, I could change the outcome. Being in control of my dream made me feel empowered. So much, that I was able to weave the dream impeccably. I felt like a director watching his play developing flawlessly.

I woke up and I kept remembering the dream. After having breakfast, I read Unity´s Daily Word (1), which I receive daily on my phone. I was in for a surprise, to say the least, when I read the title of the daily word for that precise day:

“Live Your Dreams”.

Today I celebrate that my dreams are unfolding.

Deep within my heart, my intentions and my faith intertwine to reveal glorious possibilities. Despite any outer appearances of seeming lack or limitation, I remain firm in my faith to live my dreams. My intentions are powerful, and they contribute to a new vision for my life.
The thoughts I hold in mind shape the experiences of my day. In my quiet times, I draw upon divine ideas as the building blocks of my life. As I tap in to divine ideas, my life manifests new and positive outcomes. Moment by moment, my dreams are becoming reality.
I focus on the highest vision for my life. As I notice my goals and dreams coming into fruition in my outer life, I recognize that a spiritual awakening is also unfolding within me. I celebrate my dreams coming true!
For nothing will be impossible with God. — Luke 1:37

What were the chances of these two events coinciding in this manner? I just could not believe it! (Carl Jung called this type of event “synchronicity”). I felt humbled by the sensation that at that moment in my life I was being used as the tiniest of instruments by a greater power for… for what? As I was reading the content of the Daily Word, I could feel tears coming out of my eyes. I lost the sense of time and self. Later, when I came to my senses, I kept asking myself. Instrument for what? Instrument for what?

Reflecting on these two events, I conclude that my life is nothing but a dream, and that I Am who weaves (consciously or not) the complex web of activities and relationships that compose the fabric of my life. I have two choices: One, is to let the circumstances weave my dreams, while I silently watch how they drift away, like a balloon carried by the wind. The other, is taking control the way Henley meant in his poem,“I am the master of my fate, I Am the captain of my soul. I Am the sole responsible for the good and bad things that happen in my life. After all, I Am who ultimately decides the outcome of this dream called life, because what is life but a lucid dream? And who Am I but the Dream Weaver?

Probably I am overreacting, and there will be someone who could say. So what? Not looking at the relation between events. I can understand that. However, that was how I interpreted it and how I reacted to it. This synchronistic event made me think that the message in my dream was not meant to be received solely by me, but also by anyone who might need to know about it too. Therefore, this is the message for the person who cares to read this blog: ¿What´s your life but a lucid dream? If that is so, who Are You but the Dream Weaver of your life?

I use the capital A in I Am, because I am not referring to my lower self (ego) or I am. Instead, I refer to my higher Self — that part of me who is in connection with the One, the Whole, the Universe, God, the Everything.

With my blessings

Helio Borges

(1) Even though I was raised in the Catholic tradition, today I keep an open mind in respect to other philosophies and religious practices that pursue the common good of humanity.