What Makes MattsenKumar One of the Best Market Leaders in Speech Analytics Industry!

Today, the world is heading toward new innovations in both the personal as well as professional levels. But, when it comes to professional level, it becomes more important for us to update with new technology and adopt them for better industry progress and development.

A new technology Speech Analytics is getting huge popularity these days among various industries and businesses. Speech Analytics is a process where a business can analyze its customer conversation and maximize better customer experience and that is the one of the unique benefits of speech analytics for industries.

Thus, MattsenKumar introduced its MK SmartSpeech which is an all-inclusive speech analytics application suite that allows you to visualize any audio using audio transcription, state-of-the-art speech recognition, transcription, speech and text analysis technologies.

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Automated transcription automatically transcribes audio into searchable text, then it helps in organizing and archives those data to be searched and effectively analyzed for compliance, agent performance and customer insights.

For telephonic interactions, it automatically transcribes the audio into searchable text, then arranges and records the data to be examined through an intuitive web interface. The information is stockpiled in a database where the desired audio can be examined and analyzed for compliance, customer insights, & agent performance.

Key Highlights of MK SmartSpeech

1 — Blazingly Fast

Getting SUPERFAST results in no time is one of the great benefits of MK SmartAnalyze. You get all calls uploaded — doesn’t matter if it’s in a group that you would like to load manually or lined up for push upload — the desired volume of audio is processed into transcriptions almost momentarily (we are talking mere few seconds here!).

What’s more, your pizza is ready and all you need to add the toppings of MKAnalytics above it to taste the best results you are good to go to perform the analytics inquiries immediately and utilize the insight for any business choices that you have to make.

2 — Accurate Results

MK SmartAnalyze is quick as well as wildly precise. The conversations that are handled into transcripts will indicate you EXACTLY what was discussed in the conversation and all things considered empowers your analytics inquiries to carry out the most ACCURATE results. What’s more, in the event that you want to listen a particular segment of the call, just to ensure (if you have a second thought) you can do that just with a click of a button. Simply tap to the transcript that tops your interest and it will play the accurate part from the call.

3 — Additional Call Level Insights

Need more deep-dive analysis like extra drill downs and analytics slicing? MK SmartAnalyze resolution comes pre-bundled with some great features such as SPEAKER SEPARATION (that permits you to examine every speaker’s words freely), EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (so you can see how customer sentiment is drifting throughout the call), GENDER IDENTIFICATION (to define unique gender preferences), VALUABLE METADATA (counting silence and talk over) and numerous different bits of insights that you don’t need to assemble independently.

4 — Pocket Friendly Solution

At present, MK SmartAnalyze is one of the most Affordable Speech Analytics Solutions in the business. If you have been holding off on your analytics progression on account of spending imperatives, there is no need to worry anymore — Our most AFFORDABLE pricing will satisfy your speech analytics needs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In addition to having a reasonable price, we are likewise going to lay a bet, that you will thoroughly appreciate the best in class elements of MK SmartSpeech right out of the door given it is so easy to utilize and increase most profitable bits of insights.

If you are looking forward to setup speech analytics for your business, you can always reach out for MK SmartAnalyze as it is fast, easy to go and allows you to study your data from every angle. Here you can also get in connect with industry experts to get a speech analytics demo for free!