A website is an essential part of online marketing strategy. The website provides credibility to your business, showing to customers that you are a reliable and transparent organization.

Unfortunately, many websites are inconvenient to use, don’t take the brand’s marketing strategy into account, or just look hopelessly outdated. Thus, users often leave such sites in a few seconds, even if the content meets their requests.

All these issues can be solved by the accurate website redesign.

What is a redesign?

It’s a widespread mistake to consider a different color of buttons or a new font as a website redesign. In fact, the purpose of the redesign is not decoration. New site design should be created around the content and needs of the user.

The website redesign concerns a change of the user…

A global IT conference, which unites the most progressive IT experts of Ukraine, annually takes place in Rivne. This is the IT Weekend.

This year the theme of the event was WEB UI development. We call for lifelong education and continuous development of the web designers community of the city. Therefore, we were excited to support the biggest IT conference in Rivne. So /shortcute became a partner of the IT Weekend Rivne.

Victor Samokhvalov and Sergey Trofimchuk of /shortcute at IT Weekend Rivne: Web UI

The conference was held in the favorite place of Rivne IT community — Manhattan Skybar. IT weekend Rivne attracted more than 100 participants. Right from the moment of registration, participants could get acquainted with each other, speakers and partners of the event.

Traditionally, the most venerable professionals of the Ukrainian industry…

2018 is going to be a year of far coming changes in web design. Social and ethical paradigm is changing the view of web design. It’s becoming more human-oriented than ever. At the same time, web designers get more and more tools to hit fancy.


Web designers use white spaces on the page to draw attention to unique features. The other part of minimalism are images with the simple background.

Customers adore minimal design as it is easy to navigate and distinct core messages. Marketers also stand for clear design — it provides high-converting CTA.

Minimalism uses a lot of uniformly colored space. Carefully choose your layouts and find alternative expression methods. Otherwise, your site will become boring instead of simplistic.

Dribbble x Sketch Meetup hosted by /shortcute was held this month in Rivne. This meetup is the first event of the kind in the city, aimed to engage like-minded people to join a design community.

Dribbble x Sketch Meetup video made by Artem Lagovsky


Although the participation in the event was free, Dribbble x Sketch Meetup hosted real experts in their fields. There was discussed a broad range of topics, inspiring and useful for both professionals and beginners. Speakers shared the best practices, know-how and success stories.

Alexander Kukushkin at Dribbble x Sketch meetup hosted by /shortcute

The first speaker Alexander Kukushkin, Storyboard artist in Movie Production talked about storyboarding…

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