Extracting data from your SunSprite

A little fiddling unlocks detailed data on your personal light exposure

henry copeland
Jun 18, 2018 · 2 min read
Graph of SunSprite data exported.

The Sunsprite wearable light meter is brilliant in its simplicity, and exporting your minute-by-minute data is easy enough once you know the secret path… revealed below!

The device itself displays ten bulbs — when they all light up, you’ve gotten 30 minutes worth of 10,000 lux light. Research suggests that if you can get that dose in the morning, you’re on your way to an alert day and a calm night’s sleep.

Getting more data is easy. Once you’ve downloaded the Android or iPhone App, created an ID and synched your gadget, the app graphs light exposure by hours and minutes per day.

If you want to play around with actual granular data, you’ll have to learn to grab the data from the SunSprite site. Here are the steps:

1) remember the userid and password you created when first logging into your Android or iPhone app.

2) use this ID to log in here — https://www.sunsprite.com/mydata.

3) follow instructions on the page to export whatever time period your heart desires.

4) You can easily open the resulting data in Google spreadsheets and create various graphs using the Insert/Chart pulldown menu. Each data point represents a snapshot of one minute’s light exposure. All times are represented in UTC, which is 4 hours ahead of EST.

5) To “see” the data as your eye experiences it, you can display a log version of the data.

6) But what you’ll really want to focus on the are the absolute lux values, since they represent what the eye and body are actually experiencing.

Anything under 2k is relatively dim — at least relative to being outside midday, which is 10–100k lux depending on cloudcover.

Lots more on perceived versus real light exposure here. Getting enough bright light is harder than you think!

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