New in Basecamp 3: Better navigation with breadcrumbs
Agnes Stenlund

Sorry to say this, but why would you make Basecamp worse? The breadcrumbs things is OK, but removing the shortcuts is an awful thing to do.

It seems to me that Basecamp is iterating on things it does well instead of improving or adding things it doesn’t do well or are lacking. For example: why is Basecamp only in English? This is an internet business app we’re talking about, it should be in every language, or, at least, in those most used around the world: Spanish, French, Chinese, etc…

Also, why aren’t there Basecamp templates? the original design is just dull and people can’t change this. We have to stick with those lame colors. Or, why can’t we mention everyone within an Office with something like “@office”, just like in Slack. But more importantly, why is it so slow? My team is based in Venezuela, where internet connection sucks, and we have to use Telegram as our “campfires” because Basecamp is just so damn slow.

I love the Basecamp app, I pay for it to use it for my business, mainly because it fuses several things we needed together. But reading about these “updates” just makes me sad… It just makes me think that we might have to “move” to a different virtual office in the near future.

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