Hayley Carter
Oct 31, 2016 · 1 min read

Valerie —

You’re right, the world will go on in 2017, and regardless of who wins this election, we as a country need to find a way to move forward even though there will assuredly be millions of very angry, self-righteous Americans come January no matter how you split it. I think your piece acts as a stepping stone to many deeper questions that are, frankly, too scary to begin to sometimes: what is at the heart of the divide in American society that has emerged with this election? Why have our citizens so quickly abandoned basic decency towards one another? Has this always existed in our society? How will we begin to mend this ideological divide, and can we?

Like I said, scary questions. But, with your story of growing up in Tulare, you remind us that, away from the political playground, voters have people and things that they care about, and that they are ultimately trying to protect. I don’t pretend to understand the bigotry that has come out of this election, but I do know that we cannot proceed as a country of 2 vastly opposed political parties come January. With more thinking like yours, hopefully we will can begin to mend the mess this election has created.

Hayley Carter

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UC Berkeley graduate looking for ways to change the world…and trying not to sweat the small stuff.

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