12 Awww-some Animals in Literature

Our favorite kid lit classics like Charlotte’s Web and Black Beauty show that animals have a way of melting our hearts. Here is a list of a dozen modern fictional animals that make us feel the same way:

1. Zora, Moo
Mrs. Falala has many unique pets, but Zora is special. Though extremely stubborn, this impertinent cow brings together three unlikely friends and helps Reena and her brother adjust to their new life in Maine.

2. Fox, Foxheart
Quicksilver’s dog, Fox, is not only her faithful partner in crime, but he’s also her companion and the one who keeps her from being completely alone in the world. When Quicksilver discovers she can do magic, Fox stays by her side throughout her quests to find her parents and become the greatest thief who ever lived.

3. Birmingham Roller Pigeons, Roll
Who knew the world of competitive pigeon rolling would be the perfect start to a funny, poignant friendship? Sutton has an unusual hobby — she’s training Birmingham Roller Pigeons for a competition! It’s this activity that draws the attention of her new neighbor, Ren, and soon they begin training the birds together.

4. Twig, Brambleheart & Bayberry Island
Twig is a very curious chipmunk who doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up. He ends up on a larger-than-life adventure to protect a baby dragon that hatches in front of his eyes. Twig’s bravery, curiosity, and uncertainty make him so relatable and one of our favorite animal critters! And Henry Cole’s artwork throughout the book shows just how adorable he is, too!

5. Queenie Grace, One Amazing Elephant
Queenie Grace is more than just an elephant; she’s a friend, a confidant, and her emotions are ones that we all feel and can understand. From the love she feels for Grandpa Bill to the grief she experiences when he dies, Queen Grace truly is one amazing elephant!

6. Calib Christopher, Mice of the Round Table
Readers thirsting for adventure will identify with Calib Christopher, a young mouse who dreams of becoming a Knight of Camelot. Calib is a little mouse in a big world, but he rises to the challenge of defending the kingdom and protecting the human and animal knights alike.

7. Indigo Bunting, June Sparrow and the Million Dollar Penny
Indigo Bunting, a miniature pig, is June Sparrow’s best friend and while they lived in New York, the closest thing she had to family. When he and June go live on her aunt’s farm in South Dakota, he becomes the glue that bonds their family together.

8. Stick Cat & Edith, Stick Cat: Cats in the City
This dynamic duo partake in some of New York City’s most dangerous, epic, and hilarious missions protecting the unassuming people of the big city. In their first adventure, Stick Cat, these two save a desperate man from a piano, and now Hazel, the bagel maker, is in serious danger and in need of their help!

9. Pax, Pax
Besides being an adorable, playful fox, Pax is also loyal, adventurous, and brave. When separated from Peter, who he’s been with since Peter rescued him as a kit, Pax does everything he can to try and reunite with his boy. #friendgoals

10. Echo, Wing & Claw 
When Raffa rescues a baby bat from the forest, he doesn’t expect his medicine to cause the bat to talk, but it does and he and Echo soon became inseparable. Together, they set off on an epic adventure to save the animals of the forest and defeat the evil Chancellor.

11. Chester, Chester and Gus
Chester is a Labrador retriever who fails his service dog certification exam and becomes the companion for a ten-year-old boy, Gus, who is on the severe end of the autism spectrum. Though Gus is unlike any person Chester has ever known, he’s determined to figure out his new role and show that he’s the right dog for the job!

12. Tiberius, The Someday Birds
Animals can comfort us through the tough stuff in life. While his dad is sick, Charlie gives himself a goal — to see all the birds they put on their “someday” birdwatching list. Then along comes Tiberius — a scruffy, lovable, three-legged dog that he and his siblings rescue from the side of the road. And as anyone who has rescued an animal can guess, Tiberius isn’t the only one who ends up being saved.

Which books have you read recently where an animal character stole your heart?

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